Raise fees on mopeds, trailers

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To the editor:

00_icon_feedbackI read your article in West Of having to do with our roads.  You offer some suggestions on how to fix our roads, among them raising  our gas tax, registration fees, sales tax, etc.

I have a great idea. Why not have all mopeds and trailers be registered and insured?  I’m sure this would raise more funds than we need to get our roads fixed.  After all, they use our roads and don’t contribute to their upkeep.

— Frank Giovannone, Charleston, S.C.

Editor’s note: Mr. Giovannone is correct that this would raise needed revenue, but not to the scale that’s needed because of years of underinvestment. If there are 100,000 mopeds and trailers and each are taxed $100, the state would reap $10 million. But as we’ve discussed, the state needs an extra $1.5 billion a year to keep up with maintenance and needs.


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