Good issue last week

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To the editor:

00_icon_feedbackThanks for a Statehouse Report fit for the holidays!

There’s been so much dreary stuff dumped on us lately I began to fear we’d ever be thankful this season for all we have and all the good we are trying to achieve.  This state, for all its warts, still is a pretty good place to live.

Sure,  I pray for our poor to get a better deal. I hope for the hate-mongers to feel the pain they wish on those less fortunate.  And yet police and public get along pretty well in S.C., I believe.

No school shootings here.  We in Greenville at least support an abundance of charitable institutions.  We try, and we don’t harbor hate groups.  Or, those who are here know to keep their damn heads down.

Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a happy new year!

— Dan Ruck, Greenville, S.C.

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