NUMBERS: Two number ones

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1: Violence.

00_icon_numberAs a state, we’ve returned to our old spot of having the nation’s top rate of women killed by men, an indicator of violence against women and, in particular, the domestic violence that exists in the state. According to a new report by the Violence Policy Center using 2013 homicide data, South Carolina had the highest per capita murder rate of women killed by men at 2.32 deaths per 100,000 people. The report said 57 women were killed by men in that year, the most recent for which data is available. Read the report.

For the record, South Carolina’s legislature toughened domestic violence laws during its 2015 session following a Pulitzer-Prize-winning series by The Post and Courier. It will be three years before any impact of those law changes potentially would be reflected in VPC data.

1: Foreign investment.

A national report this week ranked South Carolina to be the top state in attracting jobs through foreign investment per million in habitants. The state has topped the list in “Global Location Trends,” an annual report by IBM-Plant Location International, for three of the last four years, according to a news release.

“In addition to ranking first in foreign investment job creation per capita in this year’s report, the Palmetto State also holds the spot for job creation through both foreign and out-of-state domestic investment per capita,” the release said. “Furthermore, South Carolina ranks third in total absolute jobs created through foreign investment.” More:


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