SCORECARD: From drinking to eating to cutting

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00_icon_scorecardThumbs up

College of Charleston.  While we enjoyed a few parties in college, things seem to have gone off the rails at the College of Charleston.  Wise move by President — and former senator — Glenn McConnell on an alcohol ban to rein in some of the craziness.

Dabo.  Hats off to Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney for telling it like it is:  Motorcyclists and moped riders will have a better chance of living if there’s a real helmet law.  More.

Charleston School of Law.  Hats off to the school for resurrecting the case of George Stinney Jr., the youngest person executed in the nation way back in 1944.

In the middle

Campaign cash.  House ethics panel members said it’s O.K. to spend campaign cash on clothing and charities, but not dry cleaning.  Warning … once you start going down the path of exceptions, the path becomes much murkier, not clearer.

Obesity.  It’s good news we’re now the nation’s 13th most obese state, better than 10th last year.  But we’re still too fat.

Thumbs down

Haley.  Calls for state agencies to trim budgets in a time of growth is a cynical ploy to accomplish other political goals, as columnist Andy Brack outlined in this commentary.

Dorchester County.  Memo to county after millions of bee deaths:  What were you thinking?

SCETV.  Sad to hear the state’s public broadcasting network isn’t televising candidate debates this year.  Ever hear of social responsibility and the (unfortunately dead) Fairness Doctrine?


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