FEEDBACK: Gas tax proposal is a start

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To the editor:

On the gas tax for roads:  The proposal is a start, but given 30 years of the same gas tax, plus inflation, we need a real kick start.  At minimum, an increase of 10 cents and additional hikes until it gets in line.

In addition, it is long overdue to tax [and license] every form of trailer: boat, lawn care, utility, ETC. ETC.  We are the only state that does not license [and mandate tail lights] for trailers.  Thus, in addition to taking up highway space in our ever-increasing traffic, the trailers run free and with no tail-lights besides.

— Fred Sales, James Island, S.C.

Excerpted from a website comment about a recent letter:

State alimony laws are the unconstitutional elephant in the room. When you get down to the basics, alimony is the creation of a debt by the government between two people who no longer have a private relationship to each other.”

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