FEEDBACK: On Leatherman, plastic bags and radical right

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Enjoyed article on Hugh Leatherman

To the editor:


Please allow me to thank you most respectfully and sincerely for your eminently fair and objective article on Senator [Hugh] Leatherman.

I believe there can hardly be a household, in all the length and breadth of South Carolina, that has not been touched in some elevating and positive way by the dedication and wisdom of the president pro tempore.   He loves us, he helps us, may his name be long remembered in the homes of South Carolinians as it is honored and respected in the halls of government.

— Dale M. Rhodes, Richmond, Va.

Editor’s Note:  Congratulations to Sen. Leatherman who saw his portrait being placed this week in the Senate chamber.

Anti-government groups behind efforts to thwart plastic bag bans

To the editor:

The plastic bag lobby has been going strong in its efforts to stop communities from banning plastics throughout the country for a few years now.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Koch-funded National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) have both put in a lot of time and money to stop any bills that might ban plastic products.  Both groups are pro-industry and anti-government.

— Agnes Pomata, Wadmalaw Island, S.C.

Radical right has hurt the state

To the editor:

I just read your article, “State needs to get out of death spiral of not really governing.”

What a breath of fresh air!  The radical right retreat to 18th Century socio-economic philosophies plus the so-called constitutionalists of the judicial system attempt to impose presumptive “Founding Fathers” ideas on the enormously changed 20th and 21st century society have done serious damage, as you have so rightly noted.

Thank you.  And if there is any organization of like-minded people here in South Carolina, please let me know.  I would join them in a heartbeat.

— Conrad D. Festa, Charleston, S.C.


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