MYSTERY PHOTO: Ever seen this star?

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Photo by Michael Kaynard.

Someone asked us recently what this star represented.  If you’ve seen it and know, tell us where it is and what its significance is.  Send your guess, name and hometown to:  Please include “Mystery Photo” in the subject line.

Last week’s mystery was just plain tough, although we got some good guesses.  There wasn’t enough of the stately mansion shown to elicit lots of responses.  But veteran photo sleuth George Graf of Palmyra, Va., knew where the east front corner of the structure was – it’s Drayton Hall west of Charleston.  He writes:

“Drayton Hall is the finest example of Georgian-Palladian architecture and is the oldest preserved plantation house in America that is open to the public. The home was built for John Drayton utilizing slave labor on the plantation that grew indigo and rice.  It is believed that the plantation is haunted by the original family who still exist in the house. Visitors to the plantation have claimed that it is haunted, and claim to have photographic evidence of weird happenings within the building. Other guests have reported experiencing strange feelings of a presence which was not visible. America’s Most Haunted Places, a TV series, has featured Drayton Hall in one of its episodes.”

If you have any Mystery Photos you want to share, send them along.  (And make sure you tell us where they’re from because you’re sure to stump the editors of this publication!)


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