TALLY SHEET: Few bills introduced this week

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Staff reports |  The pickings were slim for new bills introduced in the House and Senate other than the usual stream of congratulatory resolutions.  Among the handful of substantive bills:

College enterprise.  S. 542 (Talley) would allow the board of a public college of university to establish an “enterprise division” and allow the college to transfer certain assets to it and make them exempt from some state regulations, such as procurement, with several provisions.

Ticket scalping.  S. 558 (M.B. Matthews) seeks a law to keep resellers of tickets from earning more than a dollar above the face value.

Pilot education models. H. 3969 (Felder) seeks a law to require the Education Oversight Committee to design and pilot test accountability models in schools that focus on competency-based education, with several provisions.

School bonds.  H. 4001 (Felder) is a joint resolution seeking to provide local school districts with the ability to issue general obligation bonds to pay operating expenses, if voters approve the bonds, with several provisions.

Food safety.  H. 4003 (Hiott) seeks approval of the “Produce Safety Act” and to establish the authority of the state Department of Agriculture to enforce food safety standards, with several provisions.

Food stamp waiver.  H. 4006 (Simrill) seeks a state law to prohibit the state Department of Social Services from applying for, seeking, accepting or renewing a waiver of a work requirement for someone applying for or getting food stamps.


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