TALLY SHEET: From abortion politics to pyramid schemes

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Anti-abortion protesters in Charleston in 2015. Photo by Andy Brack

Staff reports  |  State lawmakers introduced an array of bills dealing with everything from abortion and pyramid schemes to the state’s Freedom of Information Act and how it budgets.  Senators introduced 18 measures while House members placed 41 new measures into the legislative hopper.  Of key interest:

Abortions.  S. 564 (Grooms) seeks to prohibit so-called “dismemberment abortions.”

Childcare regs.  S. 569 (Shealy) seeks to update childcare facility regulations in relation to daytime programs and day camps, liability insurance, prohibit daycare vouchers from some facilities and more. H. 4044 (G.M. Smith) is similar.

Homeowners associations.  S. 576 (Jackson) seeks to update state law related to homeowners associations, including disclosure of documents by associations and giving notice related to fee increases, with many provisions.

Pyramid schemes.  S. 577 (Alexander) would classify pyramid promotional schemes as unfair trade practices under state law, with several provisions.

Biennial budget.  S. 578 (Talley) seeks to change the budget process to a two-year budget bill, with several provisions, including changing the legislative calendar to accommodate the process.

Motorsports incentives.  H. 4009 (Lucas) seeks to create tax incentives for a motorsports entertainment complex that would boost business and tourism.

Conservation Bank.  H. 4014 (Pitts) would steer the S.C. Conservation Bank to toe state Department of Natural Resources’s board and to create a conservation bank advisory board.

Base load review.  H. 4022 (Finlay) is a complicated piece of legislation related to development of electricity generation capacity involving base load review orders and project development orders, with many provisions.

Life scholarships.  H. 4032 (McKnight) would amend criteria for lottery-based Life scholarships to only include students in the top 30 percent of their graduating class.

FOI changes.  H. 4034 (Taylor) seeks to remove exemptions for members of the General Assembly and their staff from Freedom of Information Act law, but adds a limited exemption to proposed legislation and other documents.  H. 4046 (Hill) seeks to limit public bodies from charging more than actual cost of printing for FOIA requests as well as some exemptions, with several provisions.

Audits.  H. 4036 (Murphy) would allow the state Legislative Audit Council to audit school districts.


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