BRIEFS: Solar bill apparently stuck in House committee

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Staff reports  |  It’s spring.  Plants are blooming.  Pollen is stirring.  And sun – there’s lots of sunshine after a long winter.

Except, perhaps, in the deep recesses of the House Ways and Means Committee which seems to have buried a bill that could jumpstart the state’s solar industry, as we described in this February story.  It highlighted how $1 billion in investment in South Carolina is reportedly waiting on approval of a property tax exemption bill for commercial solar enterprises.

There’s no word (we’ve asked) about when the committee plans to hold a hearing on the bill, S. 44, even though it got overwhelming support in the Senate.

If the House doesn’t take up the bill soon, the state may have to wait another year – and lose investments to Georgia and North Carolina (which have the tax breaks).  Advocates say it’s time to stop dilly-dallying and let House lawmakers vote.

Tally Sheet:  No bills introduced

With the House and Senate on furlough this week, there were no new bills introduced.  There was, however, one Senate resolution recognizing the Lander University women’s basketball team.  The final push for the end of this year’s session starts Tuesday.


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