TALLY SHEET: When legislating is like making mayonnaise

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Staff reports  |  The old saying goes that it’s not a pretty sight watching either laws or sausages being made.

This week, though, a little bit of mayonnaise must have been added to the mixture.  State Rep. Anne Parks, D-Greenwood, sponsored H. 4147 — and got just about every other lawmaker in the House to co-sponsor — a congratulatory resolution celebrating the 100 years that Duke’s Mayonnaise has been in business.

And who said bipartisanship didn’t exist?  Maybe more mayonnaise is needed each week.  (Add a little cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard and pimentos.  Then you’ll have a South Carolina favorite — pimento cheese.)

Most of the other 60 new bills introduced were resolutions to name highways for people or congratulate them for public service.  A few bills went through to codify regulations of state agencies.

About the only substantive bill introduced was by Rep. Katie Arrington, R-Summerville, who introduced H. 4130, which calls a constitutional amendment that seeks to change the rules on how House and Senate committee chairmanships are picked, including a term limit of 12 years for anyone in the position, with several provisions.


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