FEEDBACK: On the new federalism and Home Rule

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To the editor:

Great column [“New federalism could cause real pain in South Carolina”].

My only comment is if those in the state legislature actually believe the quote by Senator [Tom] Davis — “People on the ground in their own communities know far better than D.C. bureaucrats and politicians how they want to live and what they want from government.  And their ability to hold local officials accountable for decisions made with their money is far greater than any degree of control they could ever hope to have with federal officials” — they should begin practicing what they preach.

Simply substitute the word “Columbia” for “D.C.” and “state officials” for “federal officials” and see what the legislature’s track record is.  It is obvious that while not true for all members, there is a majority legislative opinion that Home Rule is nothing but two four-letter dirty words.

— Name withheld.

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