FEEDBACK:  On Brookgreen Gardens and sales tax “holidays”

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Recalls love for Brookgreen Gardens

To the editor:

Though no longer a South Carolina resident, I frequently visited Brookgreen Gardens for over 45 years and wrote of the Gardens while there.

It is difficult for me to say that I loved one particular part of the Gardens more than any other though I loved visiting the island where stood Anna [Huntington]’s “Youth Taming the Wild.”  I would visit the island in cool weather when the alligators were not sunning on the island.

I’d often sit on the ground with the sculpture to my back to write and Anna was often a part of any that I wrote.

— Ed Finn, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

No benefit to sales tax “holidays”

To the editor:

On Mr. Buhl’s piece on sales tax “holidays:”  Excellent analysis, IMHO.   There can be no possible, net benefit to the state from this policy.  Its chief and only notable effect has been to erode General Fund revenues and complicate the budget process.

“How often we approve the beginnings of things yet do not guess their end.” — Evan S. Connell, Deus lo Volt!

— Dale M. Rhodes, Richmond, Va.

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