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Editor’s Note:  The following verbatim text about a recent column on the 2018 governor’s race was sent to editor and publisher Andy Brack on Wednesday by state Sen. Sandy Senn, R-Charleston.

SENN:  Andy Im  just getting around to reading old newspapers. As you may know I have always been a Henry supporter. But to say that the female candidate “charmed her way into the wallets of republican businessmen” rather than she earned their respect enough to give her money is totally sexist! And here I thought Liberals were not supposed to be sexist!

BRACK:  Will be happy to publish this as a letter to the editor.

SENN:  You are not an editor are you? If so, heaven help us! And it was not for publication. I was just hoping that perhaps you didn’t realize it was a slight and not just to Templeton!

BRACK:  Yes. I publish StatehouseReport. The column is syndicated.


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