FEEDBACK:  Kudos on column about Gov. Beasley, bottle bill

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Beasley should write a book

To the editor:

Tell Governor [David] Beasley that he needs to write a book that relates both stories of his adventures, and what he sees as the solutions to the world’s food problems.

I think that lack of food is an issue that, if solved, would solve many of the problems facing the people of the planet today. When you’re up to your neck in alligators, it hard to remember that your job was to drain the swamp.

— Bill Heitsman, Darlington, S.C. 

Enjoyed Brack’s column

To the editor:

Fantastic piece on Gov. Beasley.

— Bob McAlister, Columbia, S.C.

State needs bottle bill

To the editor:

Frank Scalise wrote a letter detailing the bags — eight large — of trash his wife and he pick up in Powdersville area roadways.  He opined the impact of a bottle law might make for more beautiful South Carolina roadways.  Mr. Scalise didn’t carry his argument the next step — to the (wonderful) economics of bottle deposit laws!

I lived in Michigan for many years.  They have a bottle law.  Cans and Bottles get thrown in trunks or truck beds as those returns buy more libation!  The ‘bottle law’ created a complete industry with new jobs that most governors would be happy to brag about.  Any retail outlet selling ‘pop and beer’ is required to accept (clean) containers.  They do, in part because they are paid for their efforts. The containers are recycled — saving energy long before it became popular!  As importantly, the surplus quarter million dollars a year or more is, by law until there is more than 10 million dollars, deposited for other cleanup services.

A bottle law is what I call a ‘win-win-win.’

— Tim Houghtaling, San Mateo, Fla.


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