PHOTO ESSAY:  Irma pounds South Carolina

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Water rushed in to flood the Sea Pines area of Hilton Head Island (Photo by Bruce Draper, Palmetto Electric Cooperative).

[Updated with new photos, 8 p.m., 9/13] Words can only do so much to showcase the power of a major storm, such as Irma, which pounded South Carolina and the Deep South earlier this week.

Here are a few photos provided by friends and organizations such as the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina and the S.C. Department of Transportation.

Beaufort County inundated, cleans up

The Harbor River has flooded over the Sea Island Parkway (U.S. 21) at Cougar Drive on Lady’s Island on Sept. 11, 2017.  (Photo by Rob Thompson/SCDOT).

An SCDOT Beaufort Maintenance crew cuts and removes a fallen tree branch at the corner of Harrison and Bay streets in Beaufort on Sept. 12, 2017. SCDOT crews are out doing repairs and cleanup after Hurricane Irma. (Photo by Rob Thompson/SCDOT).

Ryan Halley of Beaufort Maintenance smooths out concrete while repairing a washout under the bridge approach on the Harbor River Bridge on Sept. 12, 2017. The bridge is on U.S. 21 connecting Lady’s Island to Harbor Island. (Photo by Rob Thompson/SCDOT).

Trees fell across roads all over the state, such as this tree on Goethe Hill Road.  (Photo by SCDOT).

Irma impacts Charleston County

This car was buried on Edisto Beach by sand swept onshore by Irma. (Photo by SCDOT).

(NEW) SCDOT crews are removing sand more than two feet deep from Palmetto Blvd. (S.C. 174) on Sept. 13, 2017. The sand was pushed ashore during Hurricane Irma. (Photo by Rob Thompson/SCDOT)

Water from the Ashley River lapped this porch along Murray Boulevard in Charleston.  We learned after the storm that the water didn’t get inside the first floor of the home, but it ruined HVAC ductwork and caused a resident’s car to float around the yard.  (Photo provided.)

Flooding affected the parking lot near the Veterans Administration hospital in Charleston. (Photo provided.)

This James Island street looked more like a river during the storm. (Photo provided.)

Lineman Ken Mason works to make repairs in a Williamsburg County swamp.  (Photo by Adrel Langley via the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina).

Upstate impacted too

(NEW) Jason Chambers, with Oconee County’s DOT maintenance operations, operates a backhoe to clear trees blown down by wind along S.C. Highway 107. (SCDOT photo.)

(NEW) SCDOT team members David Ramey, left, and Ron Aubert install a new sign post, with signs attached in Oconee County.  (SCDOT photo.)

(NEW) Oconee Maintenance Bridge Crew members Whitney Hayes, left, and Kenneth Hunt check the bridge substructure for signs of damage. (SCDOT photo.)

A line crew works to restore power near Joanna in Laurens County (Photo by Laurie Riser, Laurens Electric Cooperative).

This photo from Springfield, Ga., could have been taken in many places along the S.C. coast.  (Photo by Coastal Electric Cooperative of Georgia).



  1. Incredible images. Thanks for sharing. I knew it was bad, but WOW!

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    Ditto,Helen Foley

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