MYSTERY PHOTO:  Poetic connection

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A reader sent along this week’s mystery photo.  About all we’ll tell you is it has a poetic connection to the state.  Send your best guess to: and make sure to include your name and hometown.  If possible, write “Mystery Photo” in the subject line.

Last week’s mystery of a downtown scene was the Lowcountry city of Walterboro, which is about 45 minutes southwest of Charleston.  Hats off to those who got the right answer:  Dalton J. Tresvant of Columbia; Frank S. Newman of Charleston; Will Breazeale of Las Vegas, Nevada; Diane M. Mathews of Walterboro; and Dale Rhodes of Richmond, Va.

Others who guessed correctly through our Charleston Currents publication were Bill Segars of Hartsville; George Graf of Palmyra, Va.; Marnie Huger of Richmond, Va.; Kristina Wheeler of West Ashley in Charleston; and Tom Tindall of Edisto Island.

Graf also provided some more information:  “According to, the community now called Walterboro was settled in 1783 by two brothers, Paul and Jacob Walter.   Originally from Germany, the Walters had settled in Old Dorchester, but Paul and Jacob later purchased  rice plantations near Jacksonborough, called Whitmarsh and Boundary Farm respectively.

“Paul’s daughter, Mary, was “sickly” and in order to get her into a healthier environment, the brothers went in search of a summer home for their families.  They named the place they found “Hickory Valley.”  Two other Walter brothers, John and Isaac, and other planter families joined them here in the summer months.  All the original homes were built of logs, with log chimneys and shingled roofs.

“Paul Walter built the Bethel Presbyterian Church on what became known as “Walter Hill.  The first store in Hickory Valley was built in the early 1800s by Siman Verdier.  It was used for many purposes, such as religious services and entertainment.”

Send us a mystery:  If you have a photo that you believe will stump readers, send it along (but make sure to tell us what it is because it may stump us too!)  Send to: and mark it as a photo submission.  Thanks.


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