FEEDBACK: On the political roller-coaster; About Democrats and victory

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We’re in for a wild ride

To the editor

Just listening to the author of “The Last Republicans” talking about how President Trump is destroying the Republican Party as we have known it.

You know how I feel about the merits of both parties and the inevitably of both needing meaningful competition to force them to change, but the destructive disruption of Trump does not represent the “constructive” disruption we so desperately need.

You quoted me in an article you wrote when Trump was a candidate where  I commented that Trump was the Republican’s “Frankenstein” and that their past practices had led to the monster now “getting up off the table.”

It is worth remembering that the creator of the monster in the Dr. Frankenstein story is destroyed by the monster before the villagers destroy the monster itself.

We are probably in for a wild ride as a nation, state and society in the months ahead as more of us begin to grapple with the realization that we are rife with corruption at many levels in our corporate and public life and that we are becoming even more impotent when confronting our challenges, whether they be the availability of guns, growing income inequality, or our decreasing global status and competitiveness.

The two-party system is largely responsible for creating, maintaining, and protecting the dysfunction that has brought us to this moment in time. Neither it — nor pitchforks and torches — can now lead us forward.

— Jim Rex, Fairfield County, S.C.  Rex is co-founder of the American Party of South Carolina

About those political calculations

To the editor:

Re:  Will S.C. Dems squander political opportunities in 2018

Never underestimate the capacity of Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaw of victory.

— William Heitsman, Darlington S.C.


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