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This one will be tough.  Photographer Chuck Boyd of Hanahan sent along this photo captured somewhere in the Lowcountry.  It’s not the message boat that used to be at Folly Beach, but using a trailer to display a message certainly got Boyd’s attention.  Where is it?  Send your best guess to: and make sure to include your name and hometown.  If possible, write “Mystery Photo” in the subject line.

Last week’s Mystery Photo was too easy for many readers.  Among the eagle eyes who correctly identified the Fireproof Building in Charleston were:  Dan Ravenel, Addison Ingle, and Sallie Duell, all of Charleston; Susan Breslin of Folly Beach; Chuck Lesser of Columbia; Philip Cromer of Beaufort; George Graf of Palmyra, Va.; and Bill Segars of Hartsville.

Graf cited Charleston’s newspaper, The Post and Courier, for recent context on the building:   “The South Carolina Historical Society is renovating the city’s Fireproof Building and after the renovation is completed the space will be used as a museum and event venue.

“The museum will tell the state’s history through the eyes of different early historical figures, ranging from the Cassique of Kiawah to colonial agricultural pioneer Eliza Lucas Pinckney to Priscilla, a slave owned by the Ball family. It will highlight some of the special items in the society’s collections, such as Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion’s powder horn. It also will tell the story of the Fireproof Building itself, one of the state’s most historic government buildings.”

Breslin added, “All the documents from its prior use as a historic material library have been moved to the C of C Addlestone Library.”

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