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PHOTO:  Tied up in knots

PHOTO: Tied up in knots

These boats in South Carolina’s third largest city share a lot in common with the General Assembly these days — they’re just as tied up in knots as some legislation is. The boats, photographed by Kingstree photographer Linda W. Brown, are docked near the Harborwalk in Georgetown on the Sampit River. In the background is the old Georgetown steel mill. To learn more about Georgetown, see this week’s entry from S.C. Encyclopedia.

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PHOTO:  Empty house, Florence County, S.C.

PHOTO: Empty house, Florence County, S.C.

This old house in the southern part of Florence County is an example of so many farmhouses across the South that are no longer in use, writes Kingstree photographer Linda W. Brown. “From its size, one can imagine that it was once home to a large farm family,” she writes.

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PHOTO:  Mothballed helicopters

PHOTO: Mothballed helicopters

This isn’t something you see every day — a bunch of mothballed Coast Guard helicopters, which are located in rural Williamsburg County.

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PHOTO: Town hall, Salters, S.C.

PHOTO: Town hall, Salters, S.C.

Although never incorporated, Salters, S.C., has a town hall,” writes Kingstree, S.C., photographer Linda W. Brown. “Built around 1900 as a project of The Salters Social Club, it hosted community and club meetings and was a venue for school commencements, community plays, dances and suppers.

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Abandoned store, Aiken County, S.C.

PHOTO: Abandoned Aiken County store

This old store is diagonally across the Old Ninety Six Indian Trail from Jackson Hole in the western part of South Carolina. New Holland Crossroads in rural Aiken County, S.C., looks pretty much like a ghost town these days, said photographer Linda W. Brown of Kingstree, S.C.

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Pastoral scene, Clarendon County, S.C.

PHOTO: Pastoral scene

Kingstree, S.C., photographer Linda W. Brown observes there are still plenty of working farms in rural South Carolina. These barns are part of a farm in Clarendon County.

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This old school in Salters, S.C., reportedly is for sale.

PHOTO: Old school, Salters, S.C.

Built in 1924, the Salters Brick School in Williamsburg County, S.C., served grades 1-11 when it opened in 1925 with 100 students, photographer Linda W. Brown of Kingstree writes.

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Photo:  Old Salters store

Photo: Old Salters store

Country stores like this one in the Salters community of Williamsburg County, S.C., are a dying breed.

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