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KIRBY: S.C. deserves better than proposed Obamacare overhaul

KIRBY: S.C. deserves better than proposed Obamacare overhaul

By Thornton Kirby, special to Statehouse Report  |  As CEO of the South Carolina Hospital Association, my friends and neighbors often come to me with questions about how the country’s health care system works.  The dynamics surrounding the cost of care and access are so complex that it’s easy to understand why so many Americans are confused about healthcare reform.

Watching Congress debate changes to our health insurance markets – and seeing the public’s reaction to those proposals – has led me back to two key observations about how we expect our country to work.  First, each of us expects to be treated fairly and equitably.  And second, although our country’s values are rooted in the protection of individual rights, I think most of us agree that we’re collectively better off when we recognize that we’re all in this together.

An oil drilling platform off of the California coast.

KNAPP: Time running out to protect the Atlantic Coast

By Frank Knapp Jr.  |  President Trump recently proclaimed that his administration is seeking “American energy dominance.”  The reality is we’re already there.

The United States produces more natural gas and oil than any other nation.  We do import about 25 percent of our oil needs, mostly from Canada and Mexico.  However, that’s only because we export about one million gallons a week of the type of domestically-produced oil we don’t want.  The U.S. is beholding to no other country for our energy security.

If these facts come as a surprise to you, then you are ripe for being deceived by those who want to use air gun blasting to explore for oil and gas off the Atlantic Coast. 

LACKEY: Actions speak for AT&T in connecting South Carolinians

LACKEY: Actions speak for AT&T in connecting South Carolinians

By Pamela Lackey, special to Statehouse Report  |  Many of us with Southern roots know well the phrase “actions speak louder than words,” for we heard it often from our mothers.

Momma’s wisdom is just as applicable today in the business world as it was in the backyard when she wanted to underscore the significance of keeping a promise her kids had made.

For nearly a century and a half, AT&T has been committed to bringing the best, most advanced communications services available. We believe that delivering for our communities and our neighbors is as important in today’s world of broadband and fiber optics as it was in the days of party lines and candlestick phones.

BURGESS:  Spearman is grandstanding on Allendale’s schools

BURGESS:  Spearman is grandstanding on Allendale’s schools

By Gary Burgess, special to Statehouse Report  |  State Superintendent Molly Spearman worked in the S.C. Department of Education during the last failed takeover of the Allendale County public schools.

Her newly-appointed emergency manager, Interim Superintendent Walter Tobin Sr., was on the Board of Trustees at South Carolina State University when the university was being academically and fiscally mismanaged. 

OUR TURN:  7 secrets for dealing with press interviews

OUR TURN: 7 secrets for dealing with press interviews

By Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene, republished with permission  |  We’ve been conducting interviews for an alarmingly long time and the last 25 years of have been largely devoted to talking with state, county and city officials. Based exclusively on personal experience, we’ve developed a solid sense of the things that our interviewees can do that will optimize their chances of communicating their message well.

Important note: We’re not talking about a lot of the things you might hear in media training; like how to pivot from the question asked to the one you want to answer. Speaking for ourselves, when someone is pivoting away from our questions, we’ll just ask the question again and again and again, and finally we’ll just go to another source.

James Comey speaks at the White House following his nomination by President Barack Obama to be the next director of the FBI when Director Robert S. Mueller’s term ends on September 4.

CARR:  Comey’s leak and constitutional protections, privilege standards

By Robert S. Carr, special to Statehouse Report  |  The recent revelation and subsequent articles concerning the leak by former FBI Director James Comey to the New York Times  via a “friend” and the testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions highlight the complex world of privileged information and the lack of understanding of the serious nature of those privileges.

First, it is necessary to remember that privileges and secrets are protected, whether written or oral, and belong to governments and protected individuals  While it may be of significance who prepared a written document, it is the information that is subject to protection, not the piece of paper it is written on or who created the document.  For example, if I write a memo to our enemy following a top-level military meeting about a classified military operation, it is of little defense for me to say, “it is my memo.”  Indeed, it is even more damning.  And national security has been compromised.

HISTORY: Joel Roberts Poinsett and the poinsettia

HISTORY: Joel Roberts Poinsett and the poinsettia

S.C. Encyclopedia | Joel Roberts Poinsett was born on March 2, 1779, in Charleston, son of the Huguenot physician Elisha Poinsett and his English wife, Ann Roberts. As a child, Poinsett spent six years in England, where his formal education probably began.

WELBORN: Working to bolster state’s local food production

WELBORN: Working to bolster state’s local food production

By Katie Welborn, special to Statehouse Report | We choose who succeeds by how we spend our money. Every time we purchase food products from other states and countries, we’re not purchasing them from agricultural entrepreneurs here at home.

Did you know that only 10 percent of the food that we eat in-state is actually farmed here? In South Carolina, we have a huge gap between farmers who are producing food to sell at retail prices at farmers markets, roadside stands and off of their front porches and farmers who are able to sell at wholesale prices to and through mainline food distributors to hospitals, schools, restaurants and grocery stores.