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BRIEF:  Shock and awe

BRIEF: Shock and awe

Staff reports | Members of the state legislature are still in shock over allegations that state Sen. John Courson (R-Columbia) has been indicted on ethics charges.

FEEDBACK:  More than college-educated women; special elections

FEEDBACK: More than college-educated women; special elections

Irene Gale, Myrtle Beach: I like most of your ideas, but I disagree that this is for college-educated women in a certain age group. As a recent newcomer from free state of Maryland and not a graduate, I vehemently disagree. Yes, women are the answer, but any woman who is appalled by the state and country falling to Republican lies can do her part.” Also, a letter on SC-5.

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HISTORY:  Carolina parakeet

HISTORY: Carolina parakeet

S.C. Encyclopedia | Now extinct, the Carolina parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis) was a dove-sized (about thirty-five centimeters long) bird with a bright green body, yellow head, and orange face. Mark Catesby, an English naturalist living in Charleston, painted the parakeet in 1731, thus providing the first scientific description of the species. The species was abundant in early America, and its range extended to New York, Colorado, and Florida. The Carolina parakeet was well known for its ability to withstand harsh winters, due to the winter availability of its main foods: cockleburs, thistle seeds, and sandspurs.

MY TURN:  Focus on health care, not just police, with opioid crisis

MY TURN: Focus on health care, not just police, with opioid crisis

By Elaine Pawlowski, special to Statehouse Report | I am thankful that it has been announced that more than 10 bills are filed to address the S.C. opioid epidemic. Although legislative steps are needed, I would say that the devil is in the details on whether the legislation will reduce the overdose rate.

If legislators look at their own and other states’ legislation, they will see that poorly-written laws have increased the use of illegal drugs, increased HIV and Hepatitis C rates, added more children to the foster care system, broken apart families and increased rates of death from mixed drug poisoning. Continuing to expand law enforcement while blocking access to medication and treatment options has proven to be counterproductive.

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Anti-abortion protesters in Charleston in 2015.  Photo by Andy Brack

TALLY SHEET: From abortion politics to pyramid schemes

Staff reports | State lawmakers introduced an array of bills dealing with everything from abortion and pyramid schemes to the state’s Freedom of Information Act and how it budgets. Senators introduced 18 measures while House members placed 41 new measures into the legislative hopper. Of key interest:

Abortions. S. 564 (Grooms) seeks to prohibit so-called “dismemberment abortions.”

Childcare regs. S. 569 (Shealy) seeks to update childcare facility regulations in relation to daytime programs and day camps, liability insurance, prohibit daycare vouchers from some facilities and more. H. 4044 (G.M. Smith) is similar.

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MYSTERY PHOTO:   Nice obelisk, but where?

MYSTERY PHOTO: Nice obelisk, but where?

This is the kind of place that’s really good for school field trips, but where is it? Send your best guess to: and make sure to include your name and hometown. If possible, write “Mystery Photo” in the subject line.

ACLU of South Carolina

ACLU of South Carolina

The ACLU of South Carolina’s National Office in Charleston is dedicated to preserving the civil liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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FEEDBACK:  Keep de la Howe school open; more on nurse practitioners

FEEDBACK: Keep de la Howe school open; more on nurse practitioners

Barbara Devinney, McCormick: Thank you, Bill Davis, for your article on John de la Howe in the March 10 issue of Statehouse Report. I appreciate the coverage you’ve given to the agency, and I’ve enjoyed reading your email newsletter over the past several years.

Also: Two letters supporting more flexibility for nurse practitioners.

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