PHOTO: Heart of Hartsville

PHOTO: Heart of Hartsville

For anyone still with the flush of Valentine’s Day on their cheeks, we offer a photo of this big heart painted on an old soybean barn in Hartsville, S.C. The photo was submitted by Steve Coe, a Charleston architect. Thanks, Steve!

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PHOTOS:  Protests in South Carolina

PHOTOS: Protests in South Carolina

Dozens of people have been protesting the Charleston-area Senate offices of GOP U.S. Sens. Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham over cabinet nominations and various proposals by President Donald Trump. The respectful protests by members of and Indivisible Charleston were to continue today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the North Charleston Coliseum to put “pressure on our elected officials to create a public and transparent investigation into President Trump’s Administration’s ties with the Russian government, coinciding with the President’s meeting with Boeing in North Charleston.” As many as 500 people are expected to attend today.

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PHOTO:  A little pink at the Statehouse

PHOTO: A little pink at the Statehouse

Contributing photographer Michael Kaynard snapped this photo of a tulip tree in the foreground of the Statehouse during a visit to Columbia this week. Despite cold weather outside today, the state is slowly heading toward spring as plants are starting to bud and azaleas can be seen popping in some parts of the state.

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PHOTO:  Haley in Washington

PHOTO: Haley in Washington

Gov. Nikki Haley and First Gentleman Michael Haley were decked out for what she called a “date night” in Washington on Thursday, the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump to be 45th president of the United States. Haley’s Wednesday confirmation hearing to be the nation’s next ambassador to the United Nations was widely viewed as one of the better hearings of Trump’s major nominees.

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ARIAIL:  Another hotel?

ARIAIL: Another hotel?

Talented Columbia cartoonist and Statehouse Report fan Robert Ariail sent along this Charleston-centric cartoon, blending the demolition of a historic house that can’t be saved with the ever-present shroud that developers keep erecting more hotels on the peninsula, leaving many residents feeling that the historic area is becoming more of a museum than a city. Thanks, Robert!

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PHOTO:  We’ve come a long way in 152 years

PHOTO: We’ve come a long way in 152 years

As the legislature gears up to start next week, here’s a little perspective. Civil War photographer George Barnard snapped this image of the rear of the crushed “new” Statehouse in Columbia following Columbia’s destruction in February 1865 by Union forces led by Gen. William T. Sherman. After giving Savannah to President Lincoln as a Christmas gift in 1864, Sherman’s 60,000+ troops turned north to savage the Palmetto State. Photo from the Library of Congress.

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PHOTO:  Carolina wren, state bird

PHOTO: Carolina wren, state bird

Staff reports | With temperatures getting a little chillier, you should start watching the skies (and birdfeeders) for the state’s official bird, the Carolina wren. According to SCIWAY, this frisky, little scamp replaced the mockingbird as the Palmetto State’s bird in 1948.

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PHOTO:  Sword Gate House

PHOTO: Sword Gate House

You might not realize it, but the gates at the famous Sword Gate House on Legare Street in Charleston is one set of a matched pair. Seems that way back, the city of Charleston hired ironmaker Christopher Werner to make a “pair” of gates for the city’s new police station.

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