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36 House races are contested on Nov. 5




(Oconee County)

Steve Blackwell

Bill Whitmire

Likely Republican Oconee County is a place where it's tough for any Democrat to win.
(Oconee-Pickens Cos.)

Dan Alexander

*Bill Sandifer

Likely Republican While Alexander is Seneca's mayor, it's hard for a Democrat to win in this county.
(Pickens County)

Dr. Lawrence Gahand

B. R. Skelton

Likely Republican While the seat is open, the predecessor was Republican in this Republican area.
(Anderson County)

Chuck Allen

*Brian White

Toss up Allen won in '98; White won in '00. Allen recently got endorsed by the local paper and may take the seat back.
(Abbeville- Anderson Cos.)

Ron Gilreath

*Ronald P. Townsend

Likely Republican Townsend is chair of the House Education Committee and is pretty safe.

( Abbeville‑Anderson- Cos.)

Johnnie Waller

*Harry Stille

Toss up Waller is the mayor of Calhoun Falls; Stille recently switched parties in what has been a Democratic area.

(McCormick-Greenwood Cos.)

*Anne Parks

Angela Lowe

Likely Democratic Republicans and Democrats agree Rep. Parks likely is safe.

(Greenwood County)

Robert Tinsley

Gene Pinson

Leaning Republican Tinsley's run a good campaign, but is running in retiring Republican Jim Klauber's seat.

(Greenwood - Laurens
Abbeville Cos.)

George D. Rush III

Mike Pitts

Leaning Democratic Retiring Democratic Rep. Marion Carnell's seat should be Rush's to lose.

Spartanburg-Union Cos.

Diane Byrd Anderson

Jeff Duncan

Toss up A Democrat has held the seat, but redistricting may make it more of a Republican district

(Laurens–Greenville Cos.)

Betsy Ross

*Adam Taylor

Leaning Republican This one is going to be close but the incumbent appears to have the edge.

Newberry-Lexington Cos.)

*Walt McLeod

Eugene “Bubba” Griffith

Leaning Democratic McLeod is campaigning hard in the new Chapin part of the district and may squeak by with a win.

(Union-Spartanburg Cos.)

Mike Anthony

*Ronald N. Fleming

Leaning Democratic Anthony, a local high school football coach, is viewed as a local hero. This should be a Democratic pick-up.

(Chester County)

John R. King

*Greg Delleney, Jr.

Leaning Republican Although Delleney's defection to Republicans may cause some fallout at the polls, he should win re-election.

(Lancaster-York Cos.)

*Eldridge R. Emory

 Stanley Smith

Harvey Tiffany
Leaning Democratic Emory should capture a victory in former Gov. Jim Hodge's old seat.

(York County)

Dan Ballou

*Gary Simrill

Toss up Simrell has made a lot of mistakes over the summer, but they might not be enough for Ballou in this Republican stronghold.

(Lee-Sumter Cos.)

*Grady A. Brown

Robert Peeples

Likely Democratic Brown is expected to be re-elected with ease.

(Horry County)

Leslie McIver

*Liston Barfield

Leaning Repubican While McIver is a popular black Conway councilman, he hasn't raised the money to compete and take it away from Barfield.

(Florence-Sumter Cos.)

LaRue Kirby

 *Marty Coates

Leaning Democratic Reapportionment switched this to a rural district with a big black population. This should be a Democratic pickup.

(Sumter-Horry Cos.)

James Millward

Thad Viers

Leaning Republican The district has an overwhelming white voter population which should boost Viers to victory.

(Richland County)

*John L. Scott, Jr.

 John Rust

Likely Democratic Scott appears safe in an election that pits him against a perennial opponent.

(Richland County)

*Joel Lourie

Don Purcell

Leaning Democratic Republicans say they might pick up the seat, but Lourie is popular in the district.

(Aiken Co.)

Everett Chandler

Jim Stewart

Leaning Republican While Chandler, an African-American assistant solicitor, is an attractive candidate, this seat was held for 20 years by Republican Charles Sharpe, which gives Stewart a big advantage.

(Bamberg-Barnwell Cos.)

*Thomas N. Rhoad

Larry Dempsey, Sr.

Likely Democratic Rhoad appears safe in a district in which almost half of the voters are black.

Orangeburg Cos.)

*Harry Ott, Jr.

Jim Ulmer

Likely Democratic Ott appears safe in this Democratic stronghold.

(Aiken-Lexington Cos.)

Robert White

Kenneth Clark

Likely Republican Clark appears headed to victory in what is one of the strongest Republican areas in the state.

(Dorchester Co.)

George Bailey

 *David Owens

Leaning Democratic Democrats should pickup this seat because freshman Rep. David Owens for the first time is facing Bailey, who held the seat for years. Bailey lost a Senate bid in '00.

(Horry County)

Roger Roy

*Tracy Edge

Leaning Republican Roy, a former criminal prosecutor, is a new candidate in this North Myrtle Beach seat. He has a chance against Edge, a developer in a community where developers aren't popular. But Edge should win.

(Horry County)

Patricia Ferguson-Majors

*Thomas G. Keegan

Likely Republican Keegan appears safe.

(Horry County)

George W. Lack

Alan Clemmons

Leaning Republican Retiring Republican Mark Kelley's seat likely will be taken by Clemmons, who got pounded in an '00 Senate race. The unknown factor is Clemmons' personal appeal.

(Georgetown- Charleston-
Horry Cos)

*Vida O. Miller

Marty Tennant

Likely Democratic Miller appears headed toward reelection
* Robert Brown Ralph Edwards Likely Democratic Brown is a virtual shoo-in with a 50 percent black district. Edwards was a last minute replacement.

(Beaufort County)

Stephen A.  Cheney

Bill Herbkersman

Toss up It's a general (Cheney) versus a developer (Herbkersman) in this new Beaufort seat. This one is too close to call because a lot of Republican-oriented older voters like the tough Democratic general.

(Charleston County)

 Charles W. Smith

*John Graham Altman III

Toss up Smith is more organized and competitive than any Democrat in years -- and it's scaring Altman to death. This one will go down to the wire.

(Colleton-Beaufort Cos.)

*Walter P. Lloyd

 Bonnie Adams

Likely Democrat Lloyd should be reelected without much trouble.
(Beaufort County)
  Catherine Ceips Anne Pollitzer (petition) Leaning Republican Ceips should win this seat simply because Pollitzer will have a tougher time because people will have to split their ballots to vote for her as a petition candidate.

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