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1.11: Port expansion struggles for viability
(Week of March 19, 2002)

MARCH 15, 2002 - - Fireworks should ignite a Wednesday hearing of the Senate Transportation Committee as senators considering port expansion grapple with a blistering report by the Legislative Audit Council on the S.C. Ports Authority.

Sources say the report, which will be made public 10 a.m. Tuesday, may make or break efforts to expand the port onto Daniel Island in Charleston. While some senators have received early briefings on the report, none by law can comment or provide details pending public release of the report. You can view it Tuesday by going online to: .

Meanwhile, some senators reportedly have told business and Chamber proponents of a port expansion bill by Sen. Jim Ritchie (R-Spartanburg) that the bill won't pass because Lowcountry and environmentally-minded senators will filibuster and have enough votes to thwart motions to close debate.

Ritchie's bill would, among other things, allow the port to start the process to get appropriate permits to expand on Daniel Island.

Opponents say supporters of the bill need to turn their eyes to existing industrial areas, such as Drum Island, part of the old Navy Base, the Weapons depot or adjoining acreage for an acceptable spot for port expansion.

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