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2002-2004, South Carolina Statehouse Report. Published weekly during the S.C. legislative session. South Carolina Statehouse Report is a media project of The Brack Group, Charleston, S.C.

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1.23: More work got done than you might think
(Week of June 11, 2002)

JUNE 7, 2002 - - Subscribers can take a look at a special section in this issue to find a comprehensive listing of all of the statewide bills ratified by the General Assembly. Virtually all of them became law, with some veto exceptions as noted.

What you may find surprising is the enormity of the work done by lawmakers this year. As one long-time senator said, "There are a lot of technical bills that do substantial things that don't get picked up in the mainstream media."

One of those bills, for example, is the elimination of a requirement for propane tank owners to install a different kind of valve - or buy a new tank. Removing the requirement will keep consumers from shelling out a lot of money to comply with a new system when the old one still works, lawmakers said.

Without going into full explanations of all of the accomplishments of the session, key bills that became law included crafting a budget in an extremely tight financial year(lawmakers even finished early, remarkably), including dealing with increasing Medicaid costs and spending more money on education because of a plan to distribute lottery revenues.

Lawmakers also approved a homeland security bill, authorized a new Conservation Bank to help protect state lands, developed a structure to help attract more big industries, compromised on a plan to expand the Port of Charleston, reformed the guardian ad litem system for contested child custody battles, authorized new rules to stave beach erosion, and revamped the state's charter school law.

Finally if you're keeping score, the Legislature also named the Carolina Tartan as the state's official tartan. Lawmakers also approved special license plates for the Penn Center, South Carolina nurses, "Share the Road," Morris Island, the Heritage Classic Foundation, "In God We Trust," "United We Stand," and "God Bless America."

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