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2002-2006, South Carolina Statehouse Report. Published weekly during the S.C. legislative session. South Carolina Statehouse Report is a media project of The Brack Group, Charleston, S.C.

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Introductory offer for a new kind of legislative tool

South Carolina Statehouse Report is a subscription-based weekly behind-the-scenes research toolkit to help businesses and organizations keep a step ahead of what's going to happen at the S.C. General Assembly. It's packed with advance inside information you need so you can be prepared for votes, meetings and interactions with lawmakers.

Here's what Statehouse Report offers:

Hot Issues are free. When our special preview of the 2002 S.C. legislative session launches on Jan. 1, 2002, the page you're reading right now will transform into a weekly focus on a Hot Issue. Each week's Hot Issue will be a free brief description of a major legislative issue, the players and more. It will be linked to an archive of Hot Issues, each of which will remain a free resource. All other information on this site will be available by subscription only.

Affordable subscription rate. Subscriptions for businesses, government agencies and organizations are affordable at less than $30 per week. Individuals can subscribe at $20 per week. Learn how to subscribe and why you should subscribe in our subscription center.

What we do. This section outlines how Statehouse Report is an early-warning legislative toolkit that can be an advocacy edge for your organization. You'll learn various features of each weekly issue and find out about our staff.

See a sample. You can look at a sample of what Statehouse Report will look like when you become a subscriber. Click here to see a sample.

Contact. If you have questions about Statehouse Report's services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.