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12/28: Read cheap drinks bill again, Speaker Pro Tem Doug Smith, R-Spartanburg

12/26: Need to work on education reform, Jim Kappler, Anderson, SC

12/24: Holding breath on legislative season, Chip Brown, Conway, S.C.

12/22: Voting changes needed, Anne Demuth, Charleston, S.C.

12/13: Cell phones making her livid, Brenda Sweat, North Charleston, S.C.

12/11: Thoughtful piece on voting by mail, Jay Ragley, Columbia, S.C.

12/11: Other voting ideas, Earl Capps, Summerville

12/10: Thoughless column on voting, Ken Fanning, Florence, S.C.

11/19: Dems shouldn't forget South, Ferrel Guillory, Chapel Hill, N.C.

11/19: Confusing issues of the ballot, Bob Logan, Little River, S.C.

11/14: Missing Fritz, Lynn Bailey, Columbia, S.C.

11/9: Discrimination costs, Charlie Smith, Charleston, S.C.

10/30: Great column, Michael Reese, Spartanburg, S.C.

10/29: Appoint constitutional officers, Tom Marchant, Greenville, S.C.

10/25: Bone up on elections before you go in the booth, John Kozma, Charleston, S.C.

10/22: Tendency to vote no, Michael E. Dey, Columbia, S.C.

10/22: Good idea on amendments, Janet Segal, Charleston, S.C.

10/14: State needs inspector general, Jock Stender, Charleston, S.C.

10/6: Sanford needs to pay attention to state boards, Patti Bucher, Columbia, SC

Sanford criticism is unfair, Jon Heckerman, Garden City Beach, SC

10/2: Not surprised by Sanford's remark, Lynn Bailey, Columbia, SC

10/2: Rant on Brack trying to control thought, Lew Richards, Manning , S.C.

10/1: Taken aback by Sanford's remark, Jimmy Mackey, Beaufort, S.C.

9/24: Ban handheld cell use while driving, Bob Logan, Little River, SC

9/18: HBCUs prepare students, Doris Starkes, Arlington, Va.

9/12: Frustrated with judicial system, Terry Housley, Sumter County, SC

9/5: SC State is a gem, Robertretta Brown Patterson, Columbus, Ohio

9/5: Newspapers missed story, Jannette Henry-Davenport, Fairfield County, SC

9/1: SC State helped form public service mission, Jerome D. McQueen, Kennesaw, Ga.

8/31: Thanks for the recognition, Sidney Wearing, Raleigh, NC

8/31: Great article on SC State, Lisa R. Brown '80, Smyrna, Ga.

8/31: Vote no on property tax cap, Bob Henderson, North Charleston, S.C.

8/30: SC State has rich heritage, Carolyn Harris Brown '54, Columbia, S.C.

8/21: Keep partisanship out of races, Natalie Renew, Charleston, S.C.

7/16: Public financing of campaigns needed, Bob Logan, Little River, SC

7/10: Wrong on Earned Income Tax Credit, Thomas B. Hatfield, Hilton Head Island, S.C.

7/9: Lawmakers should be more progressive on taxes, Bob Logan, Little River, SC

7/5: Property tax reductions needed, Diane Thompson, York, S.C.

6/28: Fix the tax system, Bruce D. Woods, Seneca, S.C.

6/19: Decent wages, more needed, Mary Mack, St. George, S.C.

6/19: Better attitude needed on education, Otto Wahlrab, Hilton Head Island, S.C.

6/18: Look at ability to pay, David Whetsell, Lexington, S.C.

6/14: Wealthy control the debate, Municipal employee, name withheld upon request.

6/13: On target, Bob Henderson, North Charleston, SC

6/13: Do your homework, Ralph Bristol, Greenville, SC

6/12: Neanderthal thinking, Natalie Mann, Bluffton, SC

6/12: Right on property tax reform, James A. Fleming, Bennettsville, S.C

6/6: Column shows bias, James A. Fleming, Bennettsville, SC

Adding Brack's book to shelf, Robert Lahmon, John's Island, S.C.

5/22: Gas tax needed for better roads, Bob Logan, Little River, S.C.

5/4: Smaller areas need help, Linda S. Treadway, Union, S.C.

4/9: Endowed chair program is economic powerhouse, Samuel Tenenbaum, Lexington, SC

3/19: Citadel cadets help storm victims, Karen Shuler, Charleston, S.C.

3/9: Selling national forest land is bad idea, Den Latham, Hartsville, S.C.

3/8: Good time for Clean Indoor Air bills, John R. Polito, Mount Pleasant, SC

3/8: Family court needs juries, Cindy Leonard, Hilton Head Island, SC

3/6: More needed on family court reform, Terry R. Housley, Wedgefield, SC

3/4: Committed to hydrogen economy, U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis, R-S.C., Washington, D.C.

2/28: Drawing a connection, Butch Robbins, Hilton Head Island, S.C.

2/24: Block sale of national forests, Elizabeth Bailey, Darlington County, S.C.

2/13: If change property tax, you'll lose federal deduction, David Pardue, Hilton Head Island, SC

2/13: Lawmakers need to make tough choices, Larry Saylor, Hilton Head Island, SC

2/13: Reduce government, Elizabeth Moultrie, Lexington, SC

2/12: Listen to experts for a change, Samuel Tenenbaum, Lexington, SC

2/9: Students oppose tuition caps, Kely Sheldon, President, SC State Student Association, Junior, Clemson University

2/5: Take a look at ethanol too, Will McKay, Florence, SC

2/5: Look at America's energy needs, Tom Hatfield, Hilton Head Island, SC

2/5: Hydrogen column misleading, Alexander D. Kline, P.E., Bluffton, SC

1/30: Boost cigarette tax or else, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Haff, Hilton Head Island, SC

1/30: Toll is a use tax, Buck Pridgen, North Augusta, SC

1/29: Toll article stinks, Dow Hammond, Florence, SC

1/25: Get rid of property taxes, Linda Guerry, Charleston, S.C.

1/22: Bank board funding is devious, Bob Logan, Little River, SC

1/10: Rising sales taxes irk retailer, Rusty Davis, Florence, SC

1/9: Agree on tobacco tax, Bob Logan, Little River, SC

1/7: Welcome to Ausband, Becky Billingsly, Myrtle Beach, SC
1/1: Stop public smoking, Name withheld, Elgin, S.C.

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