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South Carolina statistics sources

Here is a list of sources for South Carolina statistics in a Nov. 13 commentary. Please note: Some of the links may become out of date as newspapers update their Web sites:

  • 50th in job growth. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
    Also see The Greenville News, 10/7/05.

  • 50th in high school graduation rate. Manhattan Institute.
    See The Post and Courier, 2/16/05: "South Carolina has long lingered near the bottom in many national rankings of public education. But none offers a more worrying indicator of the state's future than our low standing in high school graduation rates-- now last among all 50 states, according to a new report by the Manhattan Institute."

  • 50th in inmate funding. S.C. Corrections Department Director Jon Ozmint.
    See The Greenville News, 4/15/2005: "During the past five years, our Legislature has cut funding for Corrections lower than any other state's. While South Carolina ranks 19th in the nation in spending per child on education, we rank 50th in funding per inmate."

  • 49th in average SAT scores. The College Board. See The Post and Courier, 8/31/05: "In test results released Tuesday by The College Board, South Carolina's average SAT score increased seven points to 993, or 35 points below the national average of 1,028. The Palmetto State's average score on the college entrance test tied with Georgia for 49th place, topping only Washington, D.C." More:

  • 49th in campaign disclosure. Campaign Disclosure Project. See The State, 11/3/05:

  • 48th worst in low birthweight babies. Kids Count survey (

  • 47th in low infant mortality. Kids Count survey (

  • 45th in computers. U.S. Department of Commerce. See The State, 6/20/05: "The October 2003 survey, released last year by the branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce, said: South Carolina ranked 45th among states in the percentage of households with computers." More:

  • 9th in child deaths. Kids Count survey ( Also see The Greenville News, 7/27/05: "More than half of all childhood deaths are the result of unintentional injuries, the latest KIDS COUNT report shows, and children in South Carolina are more likely to die of unintentional injuries than those in 41 other states." More:

  • 7th in child poverty. Kids Count survey (


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    6th worst place for kids. Kids Count survey ( Also see The State, 7/27/05: "The state ranked 45th in the 2005 report and has consistently been among the worst states in previous years." More:

  • 6th in domestic violence. Violence Policy Center. See The Post and Courier, 9/27/05:

  • 4th in unemployment. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/21/05:

  • 4th in fire deaths. The U.S. Fire Administration. More:

  • 2nd in mortgage fraud. Mortgage Asset Research Institute. See Hilton Head Island Packet, 8/12/05: "A healthy property market and lack of legislation has led South Carolina to a second in the nation ranking in mortgage fraud, according to a recent Mortgage Asset Research Institute report." More:

  • 2nd in violent crime rate. FBI. Also see The State, 10/18/05: "South Carolina had the second-highest violent crime rate in the nation in 2004 despite a drop in the number of murders and rapes, according to FBI figures released Monday." More:

  • Top causes of death. S.C. Indicators Project. More:

  • First in speeding deaths. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and U.S. Transportation
    Department. See Hilton Head Island Packet, 7/5/2005 "A recent federal study shows that South Carolina has a higher rate of speed-related deaths than any other state. The ranking has changed slightly in the past seven years, but this isn't new information for the nation or South Carolinians." More:

  • First in high college tuition. Chronicle of Higher Education. See the Myrtle Beach Sun News, 9/15/05: " South Carolina's average tuition was ranked the highest in the nation by the Chronicle of Higher Education when compared to percentage of per-capita income."




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