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U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn promotes the benefits of the Affordable Care Act in this photo from 2012.

NEWS BRIEF: Obamacare enrollment begins next week

By Lindsay Street, Statehouse correspondent  |  Health advocates are urging individuals and families to enroll as soon as possible for the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace coverage.

Enrollment opens Nov. 1 and ends Dec. 15 — half of the amount of time of previous enrollment periods.

On Oct. 24, the Kaiser Family Foundation held a web briefing focusing on key information for individuals shopping for marketplace coverage in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Panelists included Shelli D. Quenga, director of programs at Palmetto Project.

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MY TURN:  Repairing Obamacare won’t fix our health care mess  

MY TURN:  Repairing Obamacare won’t fix our health care mess  

By Lynn Bailey, special to Statehouse Report  |  The most recent sign we weren’t going to fix our health care system was the flame out in the U.S. Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in July.  After seven-plus years of chanting “Repeal Obamacare,” Congress just couldn’t do it.  The reason is simple: health insurance is the WRONG way for a complex modern economy to finance and manage health care services for people!  It is a 70+ year-old business model which is no longer sustainable. 

The United States is the only modern economically-developed nation using an employer-based private insurance system with a parallel public health insurance scheme to finance health care.  Other developed nations have long recognized health as a public service sector requiring a robust public-financing mechanism. Some nations do use insurance but it is not like America’s. …

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NEWS: Higher health premiums could have dire S.C. consequences

By Lindsay Street, Statehouse correspondent  |  A health care economist says federal policy could make insurance unaffordable in South Carolina, which could trigger a jump in unemployment and tank the state’s economy.

If the Trump administration does not fund a $7 billion Affordable Care Act program that subsidizes health insurance policies for low- and middle-income earners, then insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs could face double digit increases for many policyholders in the state — whether they buy their insurance through the individual market or through an employer program.

With South Carolina already ranked at the bottom of the pack for health measures, the state’s economy could be crippled by people unable to work due to untreated illnesses and by hospital closures that might result in layoffs and health deserts.

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KIRBY: S.C. deserves better than proposed Obamacare overhaul

KIRBY: S.C. deserves better than proposed Obamacare overhaul

By Thornton Kirby, special to Statehouse Report  |  As CEO of the South Carolina Hospital Association, my friends and neighbors often come to me with questions about how the country’s health care system works.  The dynamics surrounding the cost of care and access are so complex that it’s easy to understand why so many Americans are confused about healthcare reform.

Watching Congress debate changes to our health insurance markets – and seeing the public’s reaction to those proposals – has led me back to two key observations about how we expect our country to work.  First, each of us expects to be treated fairly and equitably.  And second, although our country’s values are rooted in the protection of individual rights, I think most of us agree that we’re collectively better off when we recognize that we’re all in this together.

FEEDBACK: Letters on health care, state priorities

FEEDBACK: Letters on health care, state priorities

Fred Palm: “South Carolinians will know that Gov. [Nikki] Haley is all grown up when she brings the uninsured into the medical universe of the treated with adequate medical care and when she brings in the uninsured by exercising her option of enrolling S.C. into the Medicare option of the Affordable Care Act.”

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S.C. ranked 10th best in health insurance enrollment, group says

S.C. ranked 10th best in health insurance enrollment, group says

Because some 48 percent of eligible South Carolina residents signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act during the 2015 open enrollment period, the Palmetto State has the nation’s 10th best percentage ranking among states for people participating in plans, the Palmetto Project said Saturday.

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