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BRACK: Cast of characters grows in corruption probe

BRACK: Cast of characters grows in corruption probe

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |  With three politicos added Wednesday to the ongoing corruption scandal at the Statehouse, it’s getting kind of hard to keep up with the cast of characters.  Here’s a handy guide for what’s going on:

To date, seven Republicans – six legislators or ex-legislators and uber-consultant Richard Quinn Sr. – have been indicted in the probe that goes back to 2014 when state officials started looking into the campaign finances of the sitting House speaker. 

In 2014, Attorney General Alan Wilson appointed First Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe to be the “designated prosecutor” in a case against then-House Speaker Bobby Harrell.  After a state investigation uncovered other possible corruption involving Statehouse players, Wilson cited a potential conflict related to an investigatory report and recused himself.  His office continued to manage the case.  But Pascoe was kept in the loop. 

by · 10/20/2017 · Andy Brack, Commentary
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NEWS: Trump picks Zais for post; Silent Witness ceremony honors victims

Former S.C. schools chief Mick Zais appears to be headed back into public service nearly three years after leaving the state post. On Wednesday, the White House announced President Donald Trump intended to nominate Zais to be deputy U.S. Secretary of Education.

The deputy position, vacant since Jan. 20,  is a presidential appointment that requires Senate confirmation.

Also in this news brief is a stark reminder of the state’s high level of domestic violence as a Statehouse ceremony was held for 39 who died in 2016 from domestic violence.

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NEWS:  State’s battle against sex, labor slavery becomes public

NEWS:  State’s battle against sex, labor slavery becomes public

By Lindsay Street, Statehouse correspondent  |  Only about 1 percent of human trafficking victims escape bondage, according to victim advocates. Of that percentage, few press charges against their assailants, especially if the enslaved person is an adult.

So when South Carolina reports there have been 50 state cases of trafficking in persons closed and 28 cases pending in 2016, that number belies the prevalence of modern-day slavery.

“Slavery never ended,” said a representative** at Fresh Start Healing Heart (FSHH), a Charleston organization that works with the South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force. “It’s been going on for so long. It’s just so hidden in plain sight … (But) more people are starting to talk about it so we’re finding more cases.”

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BRIEFS: Prevention program on chopping block; New number two

The Trump administration has cut a federal grants program advocates say has helped to decrease S.C. teen pregnancy rates.

Also: S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson announced Monday that Circuit Court Judge Jeff Young will serve his office as chief deputy attorney general.

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NEWS:  S.C. voter ID law likely not in peril

NEWS: S.C. voter ID law likely not in peril

News analysis by Bill Davis, senior editor | National momentum swinging against various voter identification laws across the country probably won’t be forceful enough to strike down South Carolina’s stripped-down version, analysts say.

Over the last month, five states — Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, North Dakota and North Carolina — saw their voter I.D. laws struck down by federal courts. Federal appeals cases in North Carolina, like South Carolina, go to Richmond, Va., to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, considered by many experts as the nation’s most conservative district.

In the North Carolina case, the court found that the state asked for race-based data in its legislative preparation and enacted a bill that “targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

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SCORECARD:  Up for McMaster, Dems; Down on opaque money, child deaths

SCORECARD: Up for McMaster, Dems; Down on opaque money, child deaths

For the week of July 22, 2016, thumbs up to Henry McMaster, state Dems speaking at next week’s Democratic convention and the NBA. In the middle for state Attorney General Alan Wilson and the state’s business climate. Thumbs down for more opaque political money, more child deaths from abuse and neglect and too many people hacked.

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TOP FIVE:  On Pascoe-Wilson feud, race, pensions, more

TOP FIVE: On Pascoe-Wilson feud, race, pensions, more

For the week ending July 15, 2016: The state Supreme Court issues an opinion in the feud between solicitor David Pascoe and state Attorney General Alan Wilson with Pascoe being the victor; A look at race in America; Tim Scott on race; Police shootings; more.

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NEWS:  Haley’s Pyrrhic senatorial victory

NEWS: Haley’s Pyrrhic senatorial victory

News analysis by Bill Davis | Gov. Nikki Haley may have won the battle getting former state Sen. Wes Hayes (R-Rock Hill) out of the Senate, but now a lame duck, she may have lost the war with that chamber.

But she may have better defined who will run for governor in two years.

In Tuesday’s primary in Rock HIll, 25-year Senate veteran Hayes lost by a scant 4 percent to 32-year-old Wes Climer, a former York County GOP chairman.

Earlier this spring, Haley went on the offensive against the “oldest boys network” in the Senate, endorsing Climer. She also backed unsuccessful Republican primary opponents of Senate President Pro Tempore Hugh Leatherman of Florence and Luke Rankin of Conway.

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