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A South Carolina girl gave Sanders a red, white and blue bracelet in October 2013.

NEWS BRIEF: Bernie gives shout-out to S.C. progressives

Staff reports | U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Independent who ran a wildly-popular grassroots campaign for the Democratic nomination for president this year, gives a shout-out to South Carolina progressives in his new book, Our Revolution.

In October 2013, Sanders, who had never been to the South, conducted an exploratory tour with visits to Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia. He gave a keynote speech to the S.C. Progressive Network at its annual meeting at the culturally- and historically-important Penn Center on St. Helena Island.

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NEWS: Protecting the vote in South Carolina

NEWS: Protecting the vote in South Carolina

By Bill Davis, senior editor | Despite growing national and state alarms about the integrity of the voting process, the S.C. State Election Commission insists its aging voting system is safe and works so well the state can put off buying new voting machines for a few years.

This is the same state agency that in 2015 asked the state for nearly $42 million to replace thousands of voting machines purchased for $34 million in 2004 with federal money.

This is also the same agency that in the wake of a joint legislative committee report did a reversal to look for ways to extend the current machines life-cycle for up to six years.

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NEWS:  S.C. voter ID law likely not in peril

NEWS: S.C. voter ID law likely not in peril

News analysis by Bill Davis, senior editor | National momentum swinging against various voter identification laws across the country probably won’t be forceful enough to strike down South Carolina’s stripped-down version, analysts say.

Over the last month, five states — Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin, North Dakota and North Carolina — saw their voter I.D. laws struck down by federal courts. Federal appeals cases in North Carolina, like South Carolina, go to Richmond, Va., to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, considered by many experts as the nation’s most conservative district.

In the North Carolina case, the court found that the state asked for race-based data in its legislative preparation and enacted a bill that “targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

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BRACK: Start now to fix gerrymandering’s ills

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | A visitor argued during breakfast this week about how politics could change dramatically in the South if progressive politicians spread messages of economic populism to communicate how the current system is stacked against them.

Won’t work, I explained, until South Carolina and neighboring states deal with the scourge of gerrymandering — the intentional manipulation of electoral district lines for political advantage.

Gerrymandering is a term coined from the name of a Massachusetts governor who signed a bill that reshaped electoral districts to help his party. His last name was Gerry. One of the odd districts was so oddly-shaped that it looked like a salamander.

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