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BRACK:  Looking beyond corruption at Statehouse

BRACK:  Looking beyond corruption at Statehouse

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |  The S.C. General Assembly is far different than 27 years ago when Operation Lost Trust blew open the cozy culture of the Statehouse with federal charges against 28 legislators and lobbyists in a cash-for-votes sting.

People went to jail.  Some avoided it.  Ethics rules were changed to become some of the toughest in the nation as it became virtually impossible for people to buy a cup of coffee legally for a friend in the legislature.  

But time moved on and institutions adapted.  Unknown dark money rose to fuel ever-increasing partisan, nasty campaigns.   In recent years, shenanigans have shown up in political campaign accounts, leading to the departure of a lieutenant governor and House speaker.  Currently, others hang in the balance in an ongoing Statehouse scandal that may be broadening, according to sources.

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NEWS: Noble joins gov’s race; 3 Dems, 4 GOPers now running

NEWS: Noble joins gov’s race; 3 Dems, 4 GOPers now running

Noble to attack culture of corruption at Statehouse

Staff reports (updated, 10 a.m.)  |   Charleston businessman Phil Noble is the latest Democrat to join the race to be elected governor in 2018.  He announced his candidacy this morning in Charleston. 

Last week, state Rep. James Smith, D-Richland, joined the race.  Previously, self-described “dark horse” Democratic candidate Philip Cheney of Anderson has announced he was running.

Republicans running for the seat held by the GOP since 2003 include incumbent Henry McMaster, Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant of Anderson, former Lt. Gov. Yancey McGill of Kingstree and former state agency head Catherine Templeton of Mount Pleasant.

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McMaster, Bryant, McGill and Templeton

BRACK: Despite challengers, McMaster favored in governor’s race

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |  After mentioning the lieutenant governor was probably going to jump into the 2018 race for governor, the guy – a well-educated professional with at least two college degrees – asked, “Who’s the lieutenant governor?”

“Kevin Bryant,” I replied. 

“Then who’s the governor?” he asked.

“Henry McMaster.”

“O.K.  I’ve heard of him.”

Therein lies the challenge for the growing field of Republicans with gubernatorial aspirations:  McMaster, while not brimming with strength, has buckets of name recognition …

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Gov. Henry McMaster making remarks at the March dedication of a new inland port in Dillon, S.C.

BRACK: It’s time for McMaster to share his policy vision with S.C.

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | Henry McMaster has wanted to be governor for about as long as I can remember. He ran and lost a couple of times. So when he became lieutenant governor, he seemed to be a shoe-in for the 2018 nomination. Then, his predecessor resigned for a federal job, making McMaster’s dream come true.

After wanting the golden governorship for so long, you’d think it almost automatic that he’d set a blazing path of things he’s wanted to do all of these years.

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NEWS: Possible candidates already eyeing governor’s mansion

NEWS: Possible candidates already eyeing governor’s mansion

By Andy Brack | It might seem early to some, but potential candidates who want to be the state’s next governor are already looking at whether a bid to succeed Gov. Nikki Haley is winnable.

“It would not surprise me if the two candidates from the 2014 lieutenant governor’s race decided to run for governor in 2018,” said Gibbs Knotts, head of the political science department at the College of Charleston. “Henry McMaster is the sitting lieutenant governor and Bakari Sellers has experience running a statewide campaign.”

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