NEWS: Legislators wait on bus funding, causing some to worry about risk

By Lindsay Street, Statehouse correspondent  |  Top lawmakers say they are waiting until January to override a gubernatorial veto, an action that would fund hundreds of new school buses.  Why the wait?  They say it’s because they are being good stewards of public dollars.  And anyway, waiting to override the veto won’t delay getting dangerously old buses off roads, they say.

Others wonder if there’s more to it.  

S.C. House Majority Leader Gary Simrill, R-Rock Hill,  told Statehouse Report the state S.C. Department of Education currently has the funds it could temporarily use to order the buses.  That money, he said, would then be reimbursed by a January override that would release $17.5 million from S.C. Education Lottery proceeds. He said it’s up to state Superintendent Molly Spearman to order the buses sooner rather than later.

by · 07/14/2017 · News