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A Florida elections official looks at "hanging chads" in the 2000 election.

HARE: Taking a look at the “illusory recount”

By Eleanor Hare, special to Statehouse Report | Before the widespread use of digital computers, we cast our votes on hand-marked and hand-counted paper ballots. The meaning of recount was unambiguous. Both counting and recounting were done by people. Now that computers have replaced hand -counting, we need to reevaluate procedures used to count and recount the vote.

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HARE: Computer scientist says S.C.’s voting system makes hacking difficult

By Eleanor Hare, special to Statehouse Report | In this election season amid concerns of hacked election data and possibly “rigged” elections, an examination of the South Carolina elections system should give us assurance in the integrity of our elections. Although our system is not without flaws, it benefits from good organization and non-partisan dedicated officials.

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NEWS: Protecting the vote in South Carolina

NEWS: Protecting the vote in South Carolina

By Bill Davis, senior editor | Despite growing national and state alarms about the integrity of the voting process, the S.C. State Election Commission insists its aging voting system is safe and works so well the state can put off buying new voting machines for a few years.

This is the same state agency that in 2015 asked the state for nearly $42 million to replace thousands of voting machines purchased for $34 million in 2004 with federal money.

This is also the same agency that in the wake of a joint legislative committee report did a reversal to look for ways to extend the current machines life-cycle for up to six years.

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BRACK:  Why you should take a vacation in November

BRACK: Why you should take a vacation in November

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | This may be the only political prediction that will become true by the time we head to the polls in November: The weirdest presidential election in American history will get weirder.

In a rational world, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s bloviated reality show of a campaign that scares world leaders because they can’t predict him would get so tangled in misinformation, negativity and hyperbole that he wouldn’t be taken seriously by November. But that’s what people said a year ago, too, right? And he’s taken out governors, senators and traditional politicians.

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NEWS: Lines drawn early in reapportionment

By Bill Davis | State Sen. Joel Lourie (D-Columbia), a 17-year veteran of the legislature who won’t face voters next year, wants to change how South Carolinians elect their representatives and senators.

Two weeks ago, Lourie, the son of the late former state Senate Majority Leader Isadore Lourie, announced he would not run again for his seat in 2016. The younger Lourie served in the state House from 1998 to 2004, and in the Senate since 2004.

Lourie, who made headlines in the last two years calling for substantial reform of the state Department of Social Services, currently is championing the call for the legislature to address how state political districts are redrawn every 10 years

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State Sen. Clementa Pinckney

BRIEFS: Six running for Pinckney’s seat

News briefs on six candidates running for the seat of the late Sen. Clementa Pinckney; Duke Energy helps Riley Institute.

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