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NEWS:  Billion-dollar solar investment waiting on lawmakers

NEWS: Billion-dollar solar investment waiting on lawmakers

The state Senate voted 38-4 on Feb. 7 on a bill (S. 44) that would provide an 80 percent property tax exemption to commercial solar enterprises that invest in South Carolina. The measure would also exempt residential solar investment from property taxes. A similar bill died last year in the House. The new bill is now in a House committee where it will sit for a couple of weeks as the House debates the state budget.

Investors say without the tax break, it doesn’t make business sense to plow the money into solar farms. Too much capital is required on the front end, they say, without enough incentives to make the numbers work.

So for now, plans are on hold to build at least 91 commercial solar farms, an investment of $1.4 billion according to the industry.

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NEWS: Here comes the sun

NEWS: Here comes the sun

Solar energy’s future is brightening in South Carolina

By Bill Davis, senior editor | A year after major policy changes were implemented to regulate solar power in South Carolina, the state’s solar industry is showing solid growth, according to politicians, industry leaders and conservationists.

The changes came about in the wake of Act 236, which passed the legislature unanimously in 2014 and allowed individuals to lease solar arrays and to have the ability to sell back excess energy from their panels to state utilities and electric cooperatives.

Additionally, there are state and federal tax incentives in place for those wanting to transition their house to solar as well as several tiers of enhanced buy-back rates for excess power generated.

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NEWS:  Senators consider trauma counseling for first responders

NEWS: Senators consider trauma counseling for first responders

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | Charleston County Deputy Sheriff Michael S. Ackerman wants to make sure that his fellow first responders are able to access good mental health counseling and treatment if they need it. Currently, many don’t get what they need.

On Sept. 8, 2014, Ackerman was shot in the leg in a West Ashley incident in which a fellow officer was shot to death by a suspect, who Ackerman then shot and killed. It changed Ackerman’s life. Since then, he’s battled post-traumatic stress disorder. He received mental health treatment, but mainly because he was physically wounded in the incident. These days, Ackerman is worried about first responders — as many as 20 percent, he estimates — who may need mental health counseling because of untreated PTSD. A solution, he says, is to expand the workers’ compensation system …

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