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BRACK:  Demand real gun control

BRACK:  Demand real gun control

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |   Let me be crystal clear:  It is time for real gun control.

No more pussyfooting around the edges.  No more talk and blather as more people are killed in mass shootings in churches, schools, nightclubs and music festivals.

Real. Gun. Control.

Let me also be clear:  This does not mean the government is going to take away your guns. Remember when President Obama got elected president and the nutcases shouted and screamed that he would take away guns?  Did he?  No.  Instead, a vocal sub-minority of zealots pitched an NRA-led fit to make people believe authorities would take away their guns.  And the violence continued.

by · 10/06/2017 · Andy Brack, Commentary
FEEDBACK:  Nothing responsive done on hate crimes, gun safety

FEEDBACK:  Nothing responsive done on hate crimes, gun safety

Judy Hines, Charleston: “On “Hate crime bill withers”:  The infamous “slippery slope” is almost always invoked when a bill is introduced that reflects the opinions of those who are disadvantaged in our present system.”

by · 08/31/2017 · Commentary, Feedback
LETTERS:  On new format, license plate, gun control

LETTERS: On new format, license plate, gun control

Letters on gun control, license plate and this: “LOVE the new newsletter format. So much easier to get to what you want to read (although I end up reading ALL of it anyway!), and congratulations on hitting the 15 year mark. Keep up the good work!”

by · 12/31/2015 · Feedback
BRACK: Let’s have some real gun sense in S.C.

BRACK: Let’s have some real gun sense in S.C.

By Andy Brack | Somewhere recently on Facebook, I came across a cartoon that showed a guy sitting on a beach enjoying a drink. The caption read something like, “Another sunny day on the beach in Australia without an outbreak of gun violence.”

by · 12/11/2015 · Andy Brack, Commentary
Dozens of bouquets lined a sidewalk Thursday outside Emanuel AMC Church in Charleston.  The display board still lists the late Sen. Clementa Pinckney as the church's pastor.

BRACK: Open the door of the race closet

By Andy Brack | Most South Carolinians don’t know a lot of out-of-the-closet, vociferous racists. They’re probably around, just like they have been since two people who didn’t look like each other first met. But in our society — here and in other states — they generally live on the fringes.

A hundred years ago, racism was institutionalized in the South with Jim Crow laws and separate but equal schools. That changed after World War II as people marched to embrace civil rights. And while governments deinstitutionalized racism in accommodations, schools and meeting places, people’s attitudes took longer. The overt racism of the past became a more hidden, covert prejudice found today across the nation in persnickety comments, sharp glances, rolled-up windows at stoplights.

by · 06/19/2015 · Andy Brack, Commentary
"Mother" Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, S.C.

BRACK: Charleston shooting brings sadness, shock, anger, frustration

By Andy Brack, June 18, 2015 | As I headed to bed Wednesday night, a white gunman shot and killed nine people in an historic black church in the center of town just four blocks from where I used to live. Unaware of the evil, sleep came quickly.

But in the wee hours, the ping of a text from an Australian colleague woke me. I didn’t want to read it and tried to go back to sleep. But after tossing and turning, I read the text, only to learn the heart-wrenching news about what was going on a few miles away. I was dazed. Several instant reactions percolated and struggled to the surface:

by · 06/18/2015 · Andy Brack, Commentary