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KIRBY: S.C. deserves better than proposed Obamacare overhaul

KIRBY: S.C. deserves better than proposed Obamacare overhaul

By Thornton Kirby, special to Statehouse Report  |  As CEO of the South Carolina Hospital Association, my friends and neighbors often come to me with questions about how the country’s health care system works.  The dynamics surrounding the cost of care and access are so complex that it’s easy to understand why so many Americans are confused about healthcare reform.

Watching Congress debate changes to our health insurance markets – and seeing the public’s reaction to those proposals – has led me back to two key observations about how we expect our country to work.  First, each of us expects to be treated fairly and equitably.  And second, although our country’s values are rooted in the protection of individual rights, I think most of us agree that we’re collectively better off when we recognize that we’re all in this together.


MY TURN: State’s hospitals support Certificate of Need program

By Allan Stalvey | South Carolina is among 35 states that maintain some type of Certificate of Need (CON) program to ensure access and quality of care for the citizens we serve. And while we recognize that the way healthcare is being delivered is changing around the country, we also understand that abrupt change leads to uncertainty, and uncertainty is not a favorable environment for business to thrive.

After all, for many South Carolina communities, hospitals are not only their largest employers, but also the chief economic driver and a critical piece of economic development that potential employers consider when deciding where to locate their next manufacturing facility or distribution center. That’s why South Carolina’s hospitals support CON reform that would maintain the program and provide certainty for an industry that continues to adjust to federal health care reform and other measures that drastically change the way we do business.