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Williamsburg County Courthouse in Kingstree; Photo by Linda W. Brown.

HISTORY:  Kingstree, S.C

S.C. Encyclopedia  |  The seat of Williamsburg County, Kingstree was founded at the site of a large white pine tree on the east bank of Black River, where an early explorer chopped an arrow, marking it as the “King’s Tree.” This became the center of Williamsburg Township, one of the townships proposed in the 1730s by Governor Robert Johnson to promote interior settlement and protect the coastal settlers. Forty Scots-Irish settled the township in 1732 and formed Williamsburg Presbyterian Church in 1736. Two years later the church obtained a site for a meetinghouse, which became the township’s largest building until the Revolutionary War. The site was resurveyed in 1788, when only five buildings, all smaller than twenty by twenty feet, stood in the town of Williamsburg, which later became Kingstree.

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LETTERS: On rebuilding Kingstree’s hospital, Medicaid expansion

LETTERS: On rebuilding Kingstree’s hospital, Medicaid expansion

Heather Andrews: Gov. Nikki Haley, please make saving our rural hospitals a must. This hospital has been around for many years and needs to stay. Please don’t make the wrong decision and put lots of families in a bind. Thank you for what you do and will continue to do to keep people in jobs!

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PHOTO:  Empty parking lot, Kingstree

PHOTO: Empty parking lot, Kingstree

Kingstree photographer Linda W. Brown sent along this photo that shows the 1960s-era hospital for Williamsburg County that closed last week because of problems related to the fall’s massive flooding. Modular buildings are supposed to fill in temporarily, but whether that’s just a temporary stopgap pending later closure is anybody’s guess, as outlined in today’s news story on challenges facing rural hospitals.

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MY TURN. How you can help S.C. flood victims

MY TURN. How you can help S.C. flood victims

By Tim Ervolina, president, United Way Association of South Carolina | This flood has a thousand stories.

I could tell you about the disaster response volunteer from Danville, Virginia, who called in the midst of the deluge to offer tractor-trailers full of relief supplies, along with trained volunteers to pass them out.

I could tell you the community health worker who was looking for infant formula for a Hispanic mother of a fragile baby. When we got it to her, we found that the worker had been in a shelter since her own evacuation days ago.

I could tell you about the faith communities, the first responders, the medical staff, the animal shelter volunteers and the ordinary people who opened their hearts, their homes and their wallets to their neighbors and to total strangers.

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Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

Photographer Linda W. Brown snapped this holiday scene in her hometown of Kingstree, S.C., the governmental seat of Williamsburg County. Happy holidays! More photos:  Center for a Better South.

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Courthouse, Kingstree, S.C.

Courthouse, Kingstree, S.C.

Legendary architect Robert Mills, who designed the Washington Monument, also designed the courthouse in Williamsburg County, S.C.  The ground floor of the building, built in 1823, is part of the original structure, writes photographer Linda W. Brown of Kingstree, S.C. […]

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