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MYSTERY PHOTO:  Concert hall

MYSTERY PHOTO:  Concert hall

It’s a big beautiful concert hall somewhere in the Deep South.  But where?  The answer might surprise you.  Send your best guess to: and make sure to include your name and hometown.  If possible, write “Mystery Photo” in the subject line.

Hunting Island lighthouse, at left

HISTORY: Lighthouses

S.C. Encyclopedia | South Carolina’s 180-mile coastline is replete with bays, inlets, and harbors. To assist shipping and aid navigation, lighthouses and beacons have dotted the South Carolina coast for centuries. The earliest warning lights were probably bonfires lit to aid ships entering the harbor at Charleston. South Carolina’s first lighthouse, built in 1767, stood on Middle Bay Island (now a part of Morris Island) in the Charleston harbor.

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PHOTO:  Hunting Island lighthouse

PHOTO: Hunting Island lighthouse

Beaufort County’s beautiful Hunting Island lighthouse is a beacon in a great state park named after the island. Work on the lighthouse, originally started before the Civil War but destroyed, got started in 1873 and finished two years later. The lighthouse functioned until 1933 when it was deactivated.

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