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ULBRICH:  Whatever happened to Home Rule?

ULBRICH: Whatever happened to Home Rule?

By Holley Ulbrich, special to Statehouse Report | Lurking in the shadows of the big issues, pension reform and roads, is a nagging continuing question that arose again in the context of a school district bill for Pickens County.

About six years ago at the request of a group of angry citizens, legislators stripped the Pickens County School Board of its three at-large seats, leaving it with six numbered seats. After numerous citizen protests of this arbitrary action, this year’s General Assembly passed a bill to restore one seat as a numbered seat, making it seven and providing a tie breaker.

HISTORY:  Home rule

HISTORY: Home rule

S.C. Encyclopedia | The Local Government Act of 1975, otherwise known as the Home Rule Act of 1975, was passed by the South Carolina General Assembly to implement the revised Article VIII of the state constitution adopted in 1973 and dealing with local government. As amended, Article VIII conferred home rule on all South Carolina cities and counties and directed the General Assembly to establish standardized forms of city and county government. The 1975 act did this.

BROWN:  Deporting illegal immigrants much tougher than rhetoric

BROWN: Deporting illegal immigrants much tougher than rhetoric

By Chip Brown, guest columnist | That there are approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States prompts calls from some quarters that they be summarily rounded up and deported. But not only is that much easier said than done, it will—in South Carolina and all other states—require the co-opting of local law enforcement agencies by the federal government and be very costly. Inevitably, it will result in violations of constitutional rights of American citizens who are inadvertently caught up in the dragnet.

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14.21:  Rural roads, Graham’s bid, local government funding

14.21: Rural roads, Graham’s bid, local government funding

In this issue, we look at how a rural road report may influence the debate over road funding, U.S. Lindsey Graham’s presidential bid and how local governments are funded.

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MY TURN: Local government by the numbers

By Holley Ulbrich | Every year, the Office of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs publishes a report on local government revenue—where it comes from and how it has changed over time.

The latest one came out about six months ago, and if you like to tease a story out of numbers, this report offers an interesting picture of what has happened to state aid to South Carolina local governments—cities, counties, school districts—between 2007 and 2013. That span of years covers the implementation of Act 388. It also gets us pretty well into the recovery from the great recession of 2008-2010.

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Bills target domestic violence, local government

Bills target domestic violence, local government

South Carolina lawmakers introduced 82 bills over the last week including two targeted at reducing domestic violence. To date, lawmakers have introduced more than 900 bills this session.

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