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Photo by Michael Kaynard.

MYSTERY PHOTO: Ever seen this star?

Someone asked us recently what this star represented. If you’ve seen it and know, tell us where it is and what its significance is. Send your guess, name and hometown to: Please include “Mystery Photo” in the subject line.

PHOTO:  A little pink at the Statehouse

PHOTO: A little pink at the Statehouse

Contributing photographer Michael Kaynard snapped this photo of a tulip tree in the foreground of the Statehouse during a visit to Columbia this week. Despite cold weather outside today, the state is slowly heading toward spring as plants are starting to bud and azaleas can be seen popping in some parts of the state.

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FEEDBACK:  A glimmer of hope

FEEDBACK: A glimmer of hope

Michael Kaynard, Charleston: “Over the past 18 months or so, our country has had to endure some of the most polarizing rhetoric in recent history. I have tortured myself by listening to an overload of trash talk that resulted in the election of Donald Trump as our next president. There has been a great deal of anguish over this result and many seem to have lost hope.”

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PHOTO:  Sword Gate House

PHOTO: Sword Gate House

You might not realize it, but the gates at the famous Sword Gate House on Legare Street in Charleston is one set of a matched pair. Seems that way back, the city of Charleston hired ironmaker Christopher Werner to make a “pair” of gates for the city’s new police station.

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PHOTO:  The wreathes of Charleston

PHOTO: The wreathes of Charleston

Statehouse Report readers should enjoy a photo essay contributed by Charleston photographer Michael Kaynard, who has been hoofing it around the peninsula in recent days and finding lots of pretty and neat holiday wreathes on local doors.

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PHOTO: Jingling bells

PHOTO: Jingling bells

These colorful bells hang from sweetgrass rings near the federal courthouse annex at the Four Corners of Law in Charleston. They’re a bright, holiday reminder that festive days are ahead for people of all religions. Photo by Michael Kaynard, Kaynard Photography.

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PHOTO: Shrimping

PHOTO: Shrimping

You can almost hear this white shrimp screaming “Oh, noooo” as it is about to become lunch for this egret that was fishing this week along the tidal banks of the Ashley River in downtown Charleston. It’s been a good year for shrimp if you haven’t yet tasted this season’s delicacies. Photo by Michael Kaynard, Kaynard Photography.

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PHOTO: Casting a big net

PHOTO: Casting a big net

While the major political parties are spending a frantic weekend casting big nets to get voters to the polls on Tuesday, these folks seemed to have something far better — and more rewarding — in mind: A little fishing on the Pitt Street bridge in Mount Pleasant. Thanks to Hurricane Matthew, big, fat shrimp have been blown inland into our marshes, which is resulting in bountiful harvests for local sportsmen. Photo by Michael Kaynard, Kaynard Photography.

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