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NUMBERS:  Two number ones

NUMBERS: Two number ones

As a state, we’ve returned to our old spot of having the nation’s top rate of women killed by men, an indicator of violence against women and, in particular, the domestic violence that exists in the state. Also: SC is top in foreign investment jobs.

A few memorials lay Wednesday in the field near where Walter Scott was murdered in North Charleston, S.C.  Photo by Andy Brack.

BRACK: What was done right and what still needs work

By Andy Brack | North Charleston, the state’s third largest city, has never been an easy place in which to live. With large pockets of poverty and schools that face inner-city conflicts not found in suburbs, daily life — even today — can be a struggle.

Back in the late 1980s as a police reporter, I headed to North Charleston often to find out what was happening. The police culture was insular, tough and tight-lipped. There was a particular way of doing things in North Charleston and often, it seemed, it involved knocking heads.

In 2006 and 2007, a total of 54 people were murdered or killed in North Charleston, which led to the city being named one of the nation’s most dangerous.

by · 04/09/2015 · Andy Brack, Commentary