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NEWS BRIEFS: On Amazon’s sales taxes; Legislators opposed to offshore drilling

NEWS BRIEFS: On Amazon’s sales taxes; Legislators opposed to offshore drilling

Staff reports | Amazon didn’t have to worry about paying taxes on South Carolina sales for five years thanks to the blessing of lawmakers of a controversial incentive package.  It allowed the retailer to escape state sales taxes until 2016. But when the online giant started collecting, South Carolina says Amazon came up short — about $12 million short in the first quarter of 2016. Also inside:

* A bipartisan group of 32 state legislators this month sent a sharply-worded letter opposing efforts to open offshore drilling and exploration for oil and gas along the Atlantic coast.

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Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg spoke out earlier this year about the dangers of offshore drilling.  Photo provided.

BRACK: South Carolina needs to find environmental courage

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | With so much that could be done to protect the South Carolina’s special places and put the state on a stronger, more renewable energy footing, you may sometimes wonder whether we just have too many environmental cowards.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh. But look at some recent stories that show that technology exists to transform how we power our economy from the traditional dirty oil and coal to a blend of renewables plus nuclear power with natural gas as a backup for peak usage.

Across the world, there are more than 2 million electric cars on the road. China, which is the largest electric vehicle market, has 200 million electric two-wheelers and 300,000 electric buses, according to the International Energy Agency.

by · 06/09/2017 · Andy Brack, Commentary
Source:  U.S. Federal Highway Administration.

SCORECARD: Thumbs up on CDV, down on abortion ban

Thumbs up for Columbia’s new baseball team, Gaffney’s Peachoid, a tougher criminal domestic violence law. Thumbs down on abortion ban, offshore drilling and foster care.

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This plastic bottle filled with oil washed up on a Florida beach after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in 2010.

Davis: Offshore drilling not worth risk to S.C.

By Hamilton Davis | The Obama Administration this week released a draft proposal that would open areas off the South Carolina coast to oil and gas exploration and development. This proposal represents a fundamental threat to the people, wildlife and natural resources that exemplify the best of what makes South Carolina a special place to live and work.