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BRACK:   Is Washington reaching a political tipping point with Trump?

BRACK:   Is Washington reaching a political tipping point with Trump?

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |   Are congressional Republicans in Washington reaching a tipping point over the continuing political theater and water-tortured presidency of Donald Trump?

If recent public comments by prominent South Carolina Republicans are any indication of the diminishing stature and respect in which Trump is held in Washington, then the president should be worried.  Despite his party’s control of Congress, the hyper-sensitive, Twitter-impaired Trump can’t seem to climb out of a Washington swamp of his own making to be a player in promoting his agenda.  For the first time in my lifetime, the president seems like a B-team sideline player watching a game being played on a muddy field in the rain.  None of it is pretty.

by · 07/14/2017 · Andy Brack, Commentary

BRIEFS: Party leadership; shorter session’s impact

Both major parties in the state will have new leaders for the 2018 elections. The Democrats elected Trav Robertson to be chair. Republicans will elect their new chair on May 13.

Also, there’s an early review of the shortened session during which lawmakers seem to be on track to accomplishing more than usual.

by · 05/05/2017 · News, News briefs
PHOTO:  Turnout in black and white

PHOTO: Turnout in black and white

Ninety-six percent of the 740,000+ South Carolinians who voted in Saturday’s GOP presidential primary were white, according to exit polls. You can sense that racial divide when you show up at polling locations in mostly black neighborhoods versus those in areas where more white residents live.

by · 02/26/2016 · Features, Photo