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NEWS: Trump picks Zais for post; Silent Witness ceremony honors victims

Former S.C. schools chief Mick Zais appears to be headed back into public service nearly three years after leaving the state post. On Wednesday, the White House announced President Donald Trump intended to nominate Zais to be deputy U.S. Secretary of Education.

The deputy position, vacant since Jan. 20,  is a presidential appointment that requires Senate confirmation.

Also in this news brief is a stark reminder of the state’s high level of domestic violence as a Statehouse ceremony was held for 39 who died in 2016 from domestic violence.

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De Santis

BRIEFS: Prevention program on chopping block; New number two

The Trump administration has cut a federal grants program advocates say has helped to decrease S.C. teen pregnancy rates.

Also: S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson announced Monday that Circuit Court Judge Jeff Young will serve his office as chief deputy attorney general.

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FEEDBACK:  Trump doing what he promised

FEEDBACK:  Trump doing what he promised

The Rev. Dr. David C. Bult Jr., Johnsonville, S.C.: “The Democrats will never let this Russian collusion thing go no matter how the evidence proves how lame these charges are. Donald [Trump] Jr. Meets with a Russian lawyer here illegally authorized by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, really? What a “Nothing burger”!”

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NEWS:  Proposed Medicaid cuts could pit needy South Carolinians against each other

NEWS: Proposed Medicaid cuts could pit needy South Carolinians against each other

By Ashley Heffernan, contributing writer | Goose Creek resident Jerry Marsh retired from the restaurant industry as a general manager about nine years ago as his multiple sclerosis started getting worse. Now in a wheelchair, the 62-year-old works part-time and qualifies for Medicare and Social Security Disability Insurance.

His $36,000-a-year salary also supports his wife, who gets subsidized health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act, and their 12-year-old grandson, who they adopted three years ago and are raising. The child qualifies for Medicaid, which provides health coverage to more than a million South Carolinians, including about 662,000 children.

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TOP FIVE:   From ethics and MOX to education and back to ethics

TOP FIVE: From ethics and MOX to education and back to ethics

Five stories you may have missed:
1. Ethics decision awaits Senate action
2. Trump budget shouldn’t kill MOX facility at SRS
3. Sanford invokes Goldilocks in describing Trump budget
4. Americans want more from higher education
5. Do your ethics depend on your electronics?

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NEWS: S.C. libraries could be hurt by push to end federal funding

NEWS: S.C. libraries could be hurt by push to end federal funding

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | The huffing and puffing in Washington about “draining the swamp” could have a huge negative impact on South Carolina’s libraries if Congress approves the Trump administration’s proposed cuts of $215 million to federal library assistance.

“Loss of federal funds would cripple our agency,” said Leesa M. Aiken, director of the South Carolina State Library. “Sixty percent of my staff salaries are paid for with federal funds. The situation is significant.”

If the Trump administration proposal to get Congress to eliminate the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) goes through, South Carolina could lose $2,204,856 in funding. That’s just over a third of the state library’s annual operating budget of $6.4 million, Aiken said.

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PHOTO:  Haley in Washington

PHOTO: Haley in Washington

Gov. Nikki Haley and First Gentleman Michael Haley were decked out for what she called a “date night” in Washington on Thursday, the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump to be 45th president of the United States. Haley’s Wednesday confirmation hearing to be the nation’s next ambassador to the United Nations was widely viewed as one of the better hearings of Trump’s major nominees.

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BRACK:  America takes a big gamble

BRACK: America takes a big gamble

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | Wasn’t the presidential election supposed to be rigged?

Had Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who garnered just over 350,000 votes more than the GOP’s Donald Trump out of 120 million cast across the country, won the electoral college, we wouldn’t hear the end of the election being rigged.

Talking heads keep pointing fingers at angry white blue-collar males as being a big key to Trump’s victory. Maybe they were, as typically blue states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin narrowly went for Trump. But things easily could have turned out differently. Had Clinton garnered about 150,000 more votes in just two states, Wisconsin and Florida, she’d be president-elect. And Fox News would be apoplectic.

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