COMMENTS: Raise the gas tax

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00_icon_feedbackMore people have been using Statehouse Report’s online comments section than sending traditional email letters to the editor.  All you have to do is to enter a comment at the end of any online story and it will go into a queue for approval.  Of course, you can send a traditional letter to the editor too by emailing us at

Two recent comments focused on a recent commentary about state taxes.

Matt Silveston, Charleston:  Our roads and bridges are crumbling and our mobility is severely hampered. This not only affects our quality of life but also the movement of goods and services.  Increasing the gas tax is a simple and broad based solution. In addition it should be indexed so we don’t have to address this issue again.

Tim Houghtaling, Florida:  “The sickness is politicians believing the public is so ignorant they are unable to understand THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE ROAD.  And so the next step in stupidity and deception will be the tolling and Public-PRIVATE Partnership scams that make great money at great taxpayer expense.


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