TALLY SHEET: From fights and dance halls to beer coolers at the door

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Staff reports  |  State lawmakers introduced more than 100 bills over the past week, including several that might may you bat an eye.

State Sen. Stephen Goldfinch, R-Georgetown, offered a bill to seek to remove some antiquated laws related to dueling, seduction, dance halls and a prohibition on kids playing pinball.  In the House, Rep. Chris Hart (D-Richland) wants something done about portable beer and wine coolers that block doors at stores.  Here are major bills introduced over the last week:


State grand juryS. 267 (Gambrell) seeks insurance fraud to be added to jurisdiction of the state grand jury, with several provisions.\

Insurance fraudS. 269 (Gambrell) seeks to add $200,000 in funding to the Insurance Fraud Division of the attorney general’s office.

Certified teachersS. 270 (Allen) seeks a law to require certified teachers and administrators be paid, at a minimum, at the southeastern average.

Fights, dance hallsS. 280 (Goldfinch) apparently seeks to repeal some antiquated laws, such as codes on accepting a challenge to fight, seducing someone under promise of marriage, adultery and fornication, dance halls on Sunday, unlawful removal of hand trucks and prohibitions of minors playing pinball.  Whew.

AbortionS. 283 (Grooms) seeks a measure to have reporting of abortion complications, with many provisions.

Victim services. S. 289 (Shealy) is a long, detailed proposal to restructure and consolidate victim services in South Carolina.

Transportation CommissionS. 301 (Massey) seeks to get rid of the Department of Transportation Commission and amend many sections of state law related to the commission.

Pari-mutuel bettingS. 309 (Malloy) seeks a constitutional amendment to allow for pari-mutuel betting, gambling and gaming, with many provisions.

Rural blightS. 314 (Sheheen) would allow municipalities with fewer than 8,000 people and less than 11 square miles to be able to annex blighted rural property.


Beer coolers. H. 3547 (Hart) seeks a law to prohibit portable coolers of beer or wine from being put near doors used to enter and exit a store selling those items.

AbortionH. 3548 (Bennett) seeks a law to prohibit “dismemberment abortions,” with several provisions.

DSS.  H. 3550 (Putnam) seeks a law to require the state Department of Social Service to give a notice of 10 days for hearings to foster parents, with several provisions.

HempH. 3559 (Pitts) seeks to create an industrial hemp program for production of industrial hemp as an agricultural crop, with many provisions.

Constitutional officersH. 3562 (B. Newton) seeks a constitutional amendment to end the election requirement for commissioner of agriculture and turn it into a position appointed by the governor.  H. 3563 (B. Newton) seeks a similar constitutional amendment for the state treasurer  H. 3564 (B. Newton) seeks a similar amendment for comptroller general.

Dark money. H. 3571 (J.E. Smith) seeks a bill to require independent expenditure committees to disclose sources of income, with several provisions.

First StepsH. 3591 (Govan) seeks to reform the state’s First Steps programs with several initiatives related to benchmarks, transparency, assessments and more.


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