MYSTERY PHOTO: Blue sky and bricks

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Our first Mystery Photo feature was a whopping success, with several readers making informed guesses – some of them even were correct!  So here’s another photo from another site.  Where is it and what’s its significance.  Send your best guess to:  Please remember to put “Mystery Photo” in the subject line and include your name and the town in which you live.  

The first Mystery Photo was of the International Paper plant in Georgetown, S.C.  Shell Suber of Columbia knew the location because he took almost the same exact picture back in December.    Others who get a tip of the Statehouse Report hat for the correct identification are:  Cynthia Craig of Lancaster, S.C.; Will Williams of Aiken, S.C.; and George Graf of Palmyra, Va.

Graf noted sent along this info to:  “The International Paper Company was incorporated Jan. 31, 1898, and supplied 60 percent of all newsprint in the country.  The company is currently the largest producer of plastic lids and paper cups for the fast-food giants McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Subway.  The company produces printer and copier paper, envelopes, corrugated packaging and shipping containers, consumer and food service packaging.  Much of Georgetown’s economy relies directly on the mill and the income it generates.”

Thanks to everyone who guessed.  Let’s give it another shot now.


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